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    Brittany Ferries (BAI)
    29th November 2020

    MV Cotentin (2007) – Past and Present

    MV Cotentin Ex Stena Baltica, Cotentin Cotentin © Brittany Ferries Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 2007 by Aker…
    Cargo Vessels
    28th November 2020

    MV Longrun – Past and Present

    MV Longrun Ex Espero, Flinter Ridhi Espero © Willem Oldenburg (Ijmuiden, 25/07/2017) Steel single screw motor vessel built in 2013…
    Irish Ferries
    19th November 2020

    MV Epsilon – Past and Present

    MV Epsilon, ex Cartour Epsilon - Steel twin screw “NAOS 271” motor vessel, built in 2011 by C.N. "Visentini" di…
    Cargo Vessels
    19th November 2020

    MV Fri Dolphin – Past and Present

    MV Fri Dolphin, ex Hav Dolphin, Canum, Saar Rouen, Canum - Steel single screw motor vessel hull built in 1991…
    Aegean Speed Lines
    9th November 2020

    HSC Stena Pegasus – Past and Present

    Steel hulled MDV 1200-class mono-hull high speed craft built in 1999 by Fincantieri-Cant. Nav. Italian S.p.A., Riva Trigoso, Italy (Yard…
    11th November 2020

    MV Stena Hollandica (2010) – Past and Present

    MV Stena Hollandica Ex Stena Britannica Stena Hollandica – © Simonwp (Felixstowe, 22/02/2019) Steel twin screw motor vessel built in…
    8th November 2020

    MV Misida – Past and Present

    MV Misida Misida  ©  Aleksi Lindström (Rendsberg, 11/07/2008) Steel single screw motor vessel built in 2007 by Sietas Schiffswerft GmbH…
    Stena Line AB
    1st November 2020

    MV Stena Vinga – Past and Present

    MV Stena Vinga, ex Hammerodde - Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 2005 by B.V. Schps & Mfbk De…
    Cargo Vessels
    1st November 2020

    MV Spauwer – Past and Present

    MV Spauwer Spauwer – © Willem Oldenburg (Ijmuiden, 21/06/2017) Steel twin  screw motor vessel built in by DaoDA Heavy Industries…
    Cargo Vessels
    22nd October 2020

    MV DC Vlaanderen 3000 – Past and Present

    MV DC Vlaanderen 3000 Ex Orisant DC Vlaanderen 3000 – © Wil Weijsters (Terneuzen, 10/07/2017) Steel single screw motor vessel…
    Disney Cruise Lines
    27th October 2020

    MV Disney Wonder – Past and Present

    MV Disney Wonder - Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1999 by Fincantieri, Marghera Shipyard, Venice, Italy (Yard No…
    Stena Line UK
    20th October 2020

    MV Stena Estrid – Past and Present

    MV Stena Estrid - Steel twin screw “Stena E-Flexer” class motor vessel built in 2019 by China Merchants Jinling Ltd…
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