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    1. Ich Suche foto,s von Cargoliner Schiffe baujahr 1973 bis 1975

      “I am looking for photos of Cargoliner ships built between 1973 and 1975” Google Translate

    2. Hello,

      I am writing a television script in which a character wants to travel using the ferry train. It is set in 1947. Any idea how much the trip from London to Paris would have cost? As close to that date as I can get would be appreciated. Have been looking online for a long time, haven’t been able to find the information. Thank you!


      1. Sunday
        Ref you question to Dover Ferry Photos concerning Night Ferry Prices.

        For December 1947

        According to the book “Night Ferry” George Behrends/Gary Buchanan London – Paris (single) £9 10s (Ist Class) £7 8s 6d (2nd Class)
        Sleeping Car Supplement (Return) £19 (1st Class) £14 17s (Second Class)

        Departing London Victoria 20.30 hrs
        Arriving Paris Nord 09.10 hrs

        Hope this is of assistance?

        Nigel Thornton

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