Past and Present
    18th June 2022

    MV Fugro Mercator – Past and Present

    MV Fugro Mercator Ex Meridian Fugro Mercator – © Robbie Cox (Dublin, 15/05/2021) Aluminium twin Azimuth motor vessel built in…
    Cargo Vessels
    23rd May 2022

    MV Swedica Hav – Past and Present

    MV Swedica Hav Ex Ophir, Sea Weser, Jan Meeder Swedica Hav – © Wil Weijsters (New Waterway, 02/04/2016) Steel single…
    Cruise Ships
    19th May 2022

    MV Island Princess – Past and Present

    MV Island Princess Island Princess – © Princess Cruises Steel twin screw “Coral Class” motor vessel built in 2003 by…
    Cruise Ships
    12th June 2022

    Sea Cloud Spirit – Past and Present

    Sea Cloud Spirit Ex Sea Cloud Hussar Sea Cloud Spirit – © Gerolf Drebes (Ajacio, 08/10/2021) Steel single screw sailing/motor…
    17th May 2022

    MV Waaldijk – Past and Present

    MV Waaldijk Ex JRS Auriga Waaldijk – © F Vorholt (Kiel, 29/10/20) Steel single screw motor vessel built in 2010…
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