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MV Commodore Clipper (1999) – Past and Present

IMO Number: 9201750

MV Commodore Clipper

© Ferryman

© Ferryman

Steel twin motor vessel, built in 1999 by Van der Giessen-de Noord, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands in (Yard No 975) as Passenger/Ro – Ro Cargo Ship for Condor Marine Services, Nassau, Bahamas

Technical Data

  • Length: 129.14m (overall) 117.58m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth of Hull: 23.43m (extreme)
  • Depth: 14.7m
  • Draught: 5.812m
  • Tonnage: 14,000 gross/4,201 net/4504t deadweight
  • Engines: Two MaK 9M32 diesels.
  • Power: 8,640 kW
  • Speed: 18.80 knots
  • Capacity: 500 passengers, 279 cars, 1265 lane metres
  • Call Sign: C6QQ3
  • IMO Number: 9201750
  • DNV GL ID: 21616
  • Official Number: 732230
  • MMSI Number: 308094000
  • Registry: Nassau/Bahamas 🇧🇸
  • Sister: Ben-My-Chree (971)
  • Near Sisters: Dueodde (579), Hammerodde (702)

Current AIS Location

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July 3rd 1998: Build contract signed.

November 6th 1998: Keel struck.

May 8th 1999: Launched.

September 17th 1999: Delivered to Condor Marine Service, Nassau, Bahamas.

September 27th 1999: Commenced services for Commodore Ferries, as a Roro freighter, between Portsmouth – Jersey – Guernsey.

© Trevor Kidd

© Trevor Kidd

October 18th 1999: Commenced passenger services between Portsmouth – St Peter Port – St Helier – Portsmouth.

© Andreas Wörtele  © Andreas Wörtele

© Andreas Wörteler

2005: Commenced services for Condor Ferries.

Internet Source

Internet Source

June 16th 2010: At 0242 (BST) a fire was detected on the main vehicle deck.. The vessel was on passage from Jersey to Portsmouth and the vehicle deck was loaded with many freight trailers. The crew identified that an unaccompanied refrigerated trailer unit, powered from the ship’s electrical supply, had caught fire. The crew contained the fire using the vehicle deck water drenching system and boundary cooling from above, but were not able to extinguish it. Fire damage to unprotected cables and pipework in the main vehicle deck caused extensive disruption to systems, affecting the vessel’s ability to manoeuvre and contain the fire. Taken out of service for repairs.

© Andreas Wörtele  © Andreas Wörtele

© Andreas Wörteler

July 4th 2010: Resumed service.

April 26th 2012: A fire broke out whilst travelling between Portsmouth and the Channel Island of Guernsey. Crew members discovered what they described as a “minor fire” in an engine’s oil heating system. It was extinguished and there were no injuries among the 220 passengers and 39 crew on board.

© Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow (Portsmouth, 17/07/2013)

July 14th 2014: Accidentally grounded off Guernsey (in the Little Russel). Sent to dry-dock for extensive repair. The MAIB Report regarding this incident is available here.

2015: Remains in service.

© Simonwp

© Simonwp

January 30th 2015: Condor announced a new livery “Three new colours are at the core of the new company identity – dark blue, pink and gold, representing more of a leisure and holiday outlook. The ribbons – which were a distinctive feature in the ship’s livery before – have evolved and will be used on the ships hulls as well as on new branding throughout the rest of the company, including the new logo.”

© Nicolas Lévy  © Nicolas Lévy

© Nicolas Lévy

© Nicolas Lévy (St Malo 24/10/2015)

November 4th 2015 – December 14th 2015: To Falmouth for refit and fitting of pollution-reducing scrubbers.

© Barrie Clark  © Barrie Clark

© Barrie Clark

© Barrie Clark (A & P Falmouth)

© Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow

February 9th 2018: Owing to delays in the return of CONDOR RAPIDE from dry-dock, relieved St Malo – Jersey.

© Nicolas Lévy  © Nicolas Lévy

© Nicolas Lévy  © Nicolas Lévy

© Nicolas Lévy

© Nicolas Lévy (St Malo 11/03/2018)

November 11th 2022: Out of service after divers inspecting the ship found an onboard seal had been damaged after ‘ingesting debris’..

November 14th 2022: Came off service at Portsmouth and sailed to Belfast.

November 16th 2022: Arrived Belfast for dry-docking.

© Trevor Kidd

© Trevor Kidd (Belfast, 16/11/2022)

November 18th 2022: Left Belfast and sailed to St Malo to resume service.

© Trevor Kidd

© Trevor Kidd (Belfast, 18/11/2022)

© Gary and Patsy Davies @ Maritime Photographic © Gary and Patsy Davies @ Maritime Photographic

© Gary and Patsy Davies @ Maritime Photographic ( Portsmouth, 20/12/2022)

September 13th 2023: Sailed to Portland for refit and new livery (anticipated 9/10 days)

© George Holland

© George Holland

September 21st 2023: Sailed to Portsmouth to resume service Portsmouth – St Peter Port – St Helier – Portsmouth.

November 1st 2023: Came off service at Portsmouth and sailed to Portland.

November 3rd  2023: Sailed to Portsmouth and resumed service Portsmouth – St Peter Port (Guernsey) – St Helier (Jersey) – Portsmouth.

© Tony Weaver

© Tony Weaver (Portsmouth bound for St Peter Port, 08/12/2023)

April 24th 2024: Press release from Brittany Ferries Freight:

“Brittany Ferries will shortly confirm details of a third weekly return-ferry-crossing connecting Rosslare and Normandy in France.

The service will depart Rosslare on a Tuesday destined for Cherbourg, complementing weekly departures on Cotentin and Salamanca. That means Brittany Ferries will offer three weekly departures from Rosslare.

April 26th 2024:

Brittany Ferries will be using the Commodore Clipper for three days each week this summer, says Condor Ferries.

Condor Ferries is chartering the boat to the ferry operator, with the Condor Islander being used on the Portsmouth route instead.

Condor said the Clipper would still be used for overnight sailings at weekends.

The firm said it had a call back option to bring the Clipper back if needed.

Condor said both companies had worked “extensively” with stakeholders on both islands in preparation for schedule and ship changes.

April 27th 2024: Came off service at Portsmouth and sailed to Portland.

April 27th 2024: Arrived Portland.

April 29th 2024: Left Portland for Cherbourg.

April 29th 2024: Arrived Cherbourg and took up service Cherbourg – Rosslare.

The BF charter is Mon – Weds and then a Cherbourg – Ports sailing prior to the CI rotations. 

April 30th 2024:  Arrived Rosslare.

© The Coffee Dock © The Coffee Dock © The Coffee Dock © The Coffee Dock

🆕 © The Coffee Dock (Rosslare, 01/05/2024)

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Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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