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MV Global Freighter – Past and Present

IMO Number: 7528568

MV Global Freighter

Ex Stena Freighter, Jolly Turchese, Jolly Giallo, Stena Freighter, Merzario Ausonia.

© Simonwp

Global Freighter – © Simonwp (Travemunde, 01/10/2010)

Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1977 by Hyundai Shipbuilders & Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea (Yard No 642) as a Passenger RoRo Cargo vessel.

Technical Data


In total 11 vessels of the Stena Searunner were built, by Hyundai Heavy Industries, South Korea, and the first vessel was delivered in 1977. Designed by Knud E. Hansen A / S, those vessels remaining in service are operated by a number of operators around the world and as a group they are considered to be one of the most successful classes of RoRo vessels ever built.

May 5th 1977: Launched.

August 31st 1977: Delivered to Rederi Ab Concordia, Gothenburg.

August 31st 1977: Chartered to Merzario Line as MERZARIO AUSONIA for services in the Mediterranean.

Merzario Ausonia

August 1980: Renamed STENA FREIGHTER.

1981: Sold to Stena Gulf Line, Cayman Island.

© Cees De Bijl

Stena Freighter – © Cees De Bijl (Departing Valletta)

1981: Chartered to Coordinated Caribbean Transport.

October 29th 1981: En route to Costa Rica from Miami, in clear weather, with good visibility, collided with the Japanese bulk carrier SEIRYU. The STENA FREIGHTER embedded itself in the SEIRYU’s engine room. When the Japanese ship started taking on water, its 25 crewmen boarded the STENA FREIGHTER. The STENA FREIGHTER suffered a large hole in her bow while the SEIRYU sank after 4 hours, with loss of her cargo. There were no injuries.

March 1982: Chartered to Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A., Naples, Italy and renamed JOLLY GIALLO.

Jolly Giallo

August 1982: Renamed JOLLY TURCHESE.

September 1983: Renamed STENA FREIGHTER. (Three Crowns Marine Management Ltd).

1984: Transferred to Rederi Ab Concordia, Gothenburg. (Stena Ab Managers).

© Simonwp

Stena Freighter – © Simonwp (Felixstowe, 16/06/1985)

January 1st 1987: Transferred to Stena Rederi Ab, Gothenburg for services between Gothenburg – Travemunde.

September 20th 1998: Left Gothenburg for Travemünde. In the Samso Baelt Strait between Jutland and Zealand there was thick fog and she collided with the Chemical Tanker EK-CLOUD. Minor damage to STENA FREIGHTER, including two small holes. The EK-CLOUD lost a 16-person life raft, a port-side lifeboat and some cabins on the port side were damaged. The STENA FREIGHTER was repaired later in Tavemunde.

November 18th 2003: Sold to Interbaltic Ab, Gothenburg and chartered to Stena RoRo.

November 2003: Sold to Lillbacka Powerco Oy, Maxmo, Finland for delivery in 2004.

February 9th 2004: Renamed GLOBAL FREIGHTER.

February 9th 2004 – February 19th 2004: Chartered to Stena Line for services between Gothenburg – Travemunde.

February 26th 2004: Power Line services between Turku – Travemunde.

© Andreas Wörteler © Andreas Wörteler

Global Freighter – © Andreas Wörteler (Lubeck, 28/03/2004)

May 4th 2004 – August 13th 2004: Chartered to SeaWind Line services Monday – Friday between Turku – Stockholm, weekends Power Line services Turku – Travemunde.

© Andreas Wörteler © Andreas Wörteler

Global Freighter – © Andreas Wörteler (Kungshamn, 21/07/2004)

August 28th 2004: Chartered  to SeaWind Line services Tuesday – Thursday between Turku – Stockholm other days Power Line services Turku – Travemunde.

September 22nd 2004: At Lövskär, Nagu had to deviate from the normal route because a Cambodian tug, DIMITRIS, was sailing ahead and was towing a barge called MULTIBRAVE. The tug continued at a speed which meant that GLOBAL FREIGHTER had to overtake it on a narrow stretch of channel. As GLOBAL FREIGHTER overtook DIMITIRS she grounded.

© Eerik Laine

Global Freighter – © Eerik Laine

September 25th 2004: Refloated and towed to Nadendal for repairs.

November 15th 2004: Arrived Turku for further repairs.

November 20th 2004: Returned to service.

August 4th 2005: Refit and rebuild.

September 2005: Returned to service.

January 1st 2006: Chartered to Finnlines for services Turku – Travemunde.

© Simonwp

Global Freighter – © Simonwp (Travemunde, 01/05/2006)

February 2007: Chartered to P&O Ferries for services Liverpool – Dublin.

January 2008: Charter completed and left Ireland for Tallinn.

January 17th 2008: Arrived Tallinn for refit.

January 2008: Chartered to Finnlines for Transrussia Express services between Lubeck  – Sassnitz (Mukran) – St Petersburg.

December 2008: Laid up in Turku.

May 18th 2010: Services between Helsinki – Travemunde.

© Ulrich Streich © Ulrich Streich

Global Freighter – © Ulrich Streich (Kiel Canal, 13/06/2011)

© Simonwp © Simonwp

Global Freighter – © Simonwp (Kiel Canal, 01/07/2011).

September 2011: Sold to Indian breakers.

October 3rd 2011: Arrived Alang, India for scrapping.


All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: Cees De Bijl,  Eerik Laine, Simonwp, Ulrich Streich and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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