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MV Elk – Past and Present

IMO Number: 7528594

MV Balticum

Ex Tor Baltica, Elk

© Simonwp

Elk – © Simonwp (Immingham, 01/04/1989)

Steel twin screw ‘Stena Searunner Class’ motor vessel built in 1977 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea (Yard No 645) as a Roll-on/roll-off cargo ferry

Technical Data


In total, 11 vessels of the Stena Searunner design were built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, South Korea, and the first vessel was delivered in 1977. Those vessels remaining in service are operated by a number of operators around the world and as a group they are considered to be one of the most successful classes of RoRo vessels ever built.

February 14th 1977: Keel struck.

June 21st 1977: Launched

December 28th 1977: Delivered to Stena Line Ltd, London, England.

December 28th 1977: Chartered to P & O Ferries.

January 1978: Commenced service for P & O Ferrymasters between  Middlesbrough – Gothenberg.

September 28th 1978: Sold to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, London. (P&O Ferries Ltd Chartering managers).

March 10th 1979: Ran aground outside Gothenberg.

March 13th 1979: Re-floated sustaining severe hull damage. She was towed for repair.

© Brian Fisher

Elk – © Brian Fisher (Teesport, October 1979)

December 5th 1981: Chartered to North Sea Ferries B.V., Rozenburg, and used , as cover, Rotterdam – Ipswich.

December 9th 1981: Chartered to North Sea Ferries B.V., Rozenburg, and used , as cover, between Rotterdam – Ipswich.

December 13th 1981: Chartered to North Sea Ferries B.V., Rozenburg, and used , as cover, between Rotterdam – Ipswich.

April 4th 1982: Requisitioned by Ministry of Defence for service in the Falklands conflict.

April 6th 1982: Arrived at Southampton from Tees. First S.T.U.F.T. (“Ships taken up from Trade”) to be worked on given RAS gear, carrying guns, vehicles and other stores.

Elk – © IWM FKD 190

April 9th 1982: Sailed from Southampton with CANBERRA for Ascension Islands.

May 7th 1982: Left Ascension as part of the amphibious task group.

May 16th 1982: Met with the carrier group to disembark her helicopters, cross decking ammunition and stores.

June 20th 1982: After surrender remained in San Carlos for two days loading  the 400-strong Commando Logistic Regiment and stores, then left for Port Stanley.

© rfanostalgia.org


June 20th 1982: Arrived at Port Stanley.

June 1982: Left Port Stanley.

July 12th 1982: Arrived Portsmouth.

July 12th 1982: Arrived back in Plymouth, then to Smith’s Shiprepairs Ltd., North Shields for complete refit.

August 12th 1982: Returned to commercial service between Middlesborough – Gothenberg.

September 1982: Transferred to  Elk Leasing Co Ltd, London.

© Simonwp

🆕 Elk – © Simonwp (Felixstowe, August 1983)

1984: Handed over to POETS Fleet management.

1986: Sold to P & O Ferries Ltd, London, England.

© Brian Fisher

Elk – © Brian Fisher (Gothenburg, January 1986)

January 27th 1986: Arrived at Reunis Du Nord et de I´Ouest (A.R.N.O), Dunkerque, France for lengthening and rebuild.

August 16th 1986: Resumed service after rebuild. Re-measured.

1994: Re-measured.

December 2000: Sold to  DFDS Tor Line, London, England.

June 2001: Renamed  TOR BALTICA.

September 2001: Chartered to American Department for Defence.

2001: After completion of charter made her final crossing between  Gothenberg – Harwich.

August 2003: Sold to Baltica Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd. Belize and re-chartered to DFDS Tor Line.

September 2nd 2003: Commenced service between Fredericia – Köpenhamn – Klaipeda.

2004: Service between Gothenberg – Harwich – Rotterdam.

2005: Services Immingham – Zeebrugge.

© Gena Anfimov © Gena Anfimov 

Tor Baltica – © Gena Anfimov (Klaipeda, 17/04/2005)

September 21st 2005: Services Kiel – St Petersburg.

© Ulrich Streich

Tor Baltica – © Ulrich Streich (Kiel, 04/05/2007)

November 2007: Sold to Balticum Shipping, SA, Riga, Latvia and chartered to DFDS Tor Line.

November 4th 2007: Arrived Cityvarvet, Gothenburg for refit.

November 2007: Management Brax Shipholding.

© Andreas Wörteler © Andreas Wörteler 

Tor Baltica – © Andreas Wörteler (Kiel, 10/05/2008)

© Simonwp

Tor Baltica – © Simonwp (Kiel, 01/09/2008)

March 27th 2009 – December 24th 2010: Services between Kiel – Karlshamn – Saint Petersburg.

January 7th 2011 – January 9th 2011: Kiel to Zeebrugge.

January 9th 2011 – March 10th 2011: Chartered to P&O Ferries for services Zeebrugge – Hull.

April 4th 2011: Arrived Brevik.

April 14th 2011: Laid up in Uddevalla.

May 1st 2011: Renamed BALTICUM.

© Lennart Rydberg

Balticum – © Lennart Rydberg (Uddevalla, Sweden, 23/07/2011)

October 23rd 2011: Left Uddevalla for Amsterdam.

October 26th 2011: Left Amsterdam for Suez.

November 24th 2011: Arrived at Alang, India.

November 29th 2011: Beached at Alang for breaking by NBM Iron & Steel Trdg, Alang.

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: Gena Anfimov, Brian Fisher, Lennart Rydberg, Simonwp, Ulrich Streich and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)


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