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MV Elk – Past and Present

IMO Number: 7528594

MV Balticum

Ex Tor Baltica, Elk

© Simonwp

Elk – © Simonwp (Immingham, 01/04/1989)

Steel twin screw ‘Stena Searunner Class’ motor vessel built in 1977 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea (Yard No 645) as a Roll-on/roll-off cargo ferry

Technical Data

  • Length: 155.99m – 163.61m (overall) 137.00m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 21.67m – 22.90 – 23.60m
  • Depth: 7.32m – 7.52m
  • Draught: 7.300m – 7.52m maximum
  • Tonnage: 5,463 – 6,182 – 14,374gt/ 2,473 – 2,802 – 9,322 – 4,312nt/8,652t 8,593dwt
  • Engines: 2 x SEMT-Pielstick 12PC2-5V-400 Vdiesels
    Power: 11482 kW/15600 bHP
    Speed: 17.0 knots
    Capacity: 12 passengers /Cargo capacity 142 x 12-metre, 2 x 15-metre trailers
  • Crew: 21
    Call Sign: GXHN, YLCQ
    IMO Number: 7528594
  • Official Number: 377462
    Port of Registry:
     London/UK, Belize, Riga/Latvia
    Sister Ships: Merzario Ausonia, Stena Runner, Stena Prosper, Stena Project, Alpha Enterprise, Tor Felicia, Norsky, Imparca Express, Merzario Hispania, Stena Trader


February 14th 1977: Keel struck.

June 21st 1977: Launched

December 28th 1977: Delivered to Stena Line Ltd, London, England.

December 28th 1977: Chartered to P & O Ferries.

January 1978: Commenced service for P & O Ferrymasters between  Middlesbrough – Gothenberg.

September 28th 1978: Sold to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, London. (P&O Ferries Ltd Chartering managers).

March 10th 1979: Ran aground outside Gothenberg.

March 13th 1979: Re-floated sustaining severe hull damage. She was towed for repair.

© Brian Fisher

Elk – © Brian Fisher (Teesport, October 1979)

December 5th 1981: Chartered to North Sea Ferries B.V., Rozenburg, and used , as cover, Rotterdam – Ipswich.

December 9th 1981: Chartered to North Sea Ferries B.V., Rozenburg, and used , as cover, between Rotterdam – Ipswich.

December 13th 1981: Chartered to North Sea Ferries B.V., Rozenburg, and used , as cover, between Rotterdam – Ipswich.

April 4th 1982: Requisitioned by Ministry of Defence for service in the Falklands conflict.

April 6th 1982: Arrived at Southampton from Tees. First S.T.U.F.T. (“Ships taken up from Trade”) to be worked on given RAS gear, carrying guns, vehicles and other stores.

© IWM FKD 190

Elk – © IWM FKD 190

April 9th 1982: Sailed from Southampton with CANBERRA for Ascension Islands.

May 7th 1982: Left Ascension as part of the amphibious task group.

May 16th 1982: Met with the carrier group to disembark her helicopters, cross decking ammunition and stores.

June 20th 1982: After surrender remained in San Carlos for two days loading  the 400-strong Commando Logistic Regiment and stores, then left for Port Stanley.

© rfanostalgia.org


June 20th 1982: Arrived at Port Stanley.

June 1982: Left Port Stanley.

July 12th 1982: Arrived Portsmouth.

July 12th 1982: Arrived back in Plymouth, then to Smith’s Shiprepairs Ltd., North Shields for complete refit.

August 12th 1982: Returned to commercial service between Middlesborough – Gothenberg.

September 1982: Transferred to  Elk Leasing Co Ltd, London.

1984: Handed over to POETS Fleet management.

1986: Sold to P & O Ferries Ltd, London, England.

© Brian Fisher

Elk – © Brian Fisher (Gothenburg, January 1986)

January 27th 1986: Arrived at Reunis Du Nord et de I´Ouest (A.R.N.O), Dunkerque, France for lengthening and rebuild.

August 16th 1986: Resumed service after rebuild. Re-measured.

1994: Re-measured.

December 2000: Sold to  DFDS Tor Line, London, England.

June 2001: Renamed  TOR BALTICA.

September 2001: Chartered to American Department for Defence.

2001: After completion of charter made her final crossing between  Gothenberg – Harwich.

August 2003: Sold to Baltica Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd. Belize and re-chartered to DFDS Tor Line.

September 2nd 2003: Commenced service between Fredericia – Köpenhamn – Klaipeda.

2004: Service between Gothenberg – Harwich – Rotterdam.

2005: Services Immingham – Zeebrugge.

© Gena Anfimov   © Gena Anfimov

Tor Baltica – © Gena Anfimov (Klaipeda, 17/04/2005)

September 21st 2005: Services Kiel – St Petersburg.

© Ulrich Streich

Tor Baltica – © Ulrich Streich (Kiel, 04/05/2007)

November 2007: Sold to Balticum Shipping, SA, Riga, Latvia and chartered to DFDS Tor Line.

November 4th 2007: Arrived Cityvarvet, Gothenburg for refit.

November 2007: Management Brax Shipholding.

© Andreas Wörteler   © Andreas Wörteler

Tor Baltica – © Andreas Wörteler (Kiel, 10/05/2008)

© Simonwp

Tor Baltica – © Simonwp (Kiel, 01/09/2008)

March 27th 2009 – December 24th 2010: Services between Kiel – Karlshamn – Saint Petersburg.

January 7th 2011 – January 9th 2011: Kiel to Zeebrugge.

January 9th 2011 – March 10th 2011: Chartered to P&O Ferries for services Zeebrugge – Hull.

April 4th 2011: Arrived Brevik.

April 14th 2011: Laid up in Uddevalla.

May 1st 2011: Renamed BALTICUM.

© Lennart Rydberg

Balticum – © Lennart Rydberg (Uddevalla, Sweden, 23/07/2011)

October 23rd 2011: Left Uddevalla for Amsterdam.

October 26th 2011: Left Amsterdam for Suez.

November 24th 2011: Arrived at Alang, India.

November 29th 2011: Beached at Alang for breaking by NBM Iron & Steel Trdg, Alang.

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: Gena Anfimov, Brian Fisher, Lennart Rydberg, Ulrich Streich and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)


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