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MV Travemunde – Past and Present

IMO Number: 7104441

MV Noor

ex Barakat, St Clair, Treg, Tregastel, Njegos, Travemunde

© Schichau Unterweser AG

Travemunde  – © Schichau Unterweser AG

Steel twin screw motor vessel built by Schichau Unterweser AG, Bremerhaven in 1971 (Yard No 478) for Moltzau Line A/S, Gedser, Denmark, as a passenger, car and commercial vehicle roll-on roll-off ferry

Technical Data

  • Length: 118.01m (overall), 103.16m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 18.53m (extreme)
  • Depth: 6.51m
  • Draught: 5.02m (maximum)
  • Tonnage: 3,999 gross, 8,499/1,979 net, 3,507/1,524 deadweight, 947
  • Engines: Two 12-cylinder MAN V6V 40/54 diesels
  • Power: 9996kW (9857kW)/ 13,400 bhp
  • Speed: 20.75 knots
  • Capacity: 1500 passengers (later re-classed to 600)/370 cars (after rebuild 160) or 25 commercial trailers
  • Call Sign: DVZN,YUEL, MPRL6, HZBR, D6A2449
  • IMO Number: 7104441
  • MMSI Number: 620449000
  • Registry: Gedser/Denmark, Bar/Yugoslavia, Aberdeen/UK, Saudi Arabia, Comoros

Location Data

Please note that this vessels AIS transponder and position data may be over an hour old and that this specific vessels position will only be displayed when it is within range of the MarineTraffic AIS system. The AIS transponder/ship position data featured on this page is intended for information purposes only and it is no way related to the safety of navigation at sea. All the AIS ship position data featured within this website is provided by and we are therefore not responsible for the content or the accuracy of this data


April 23rd 1969: Ordered.

November 17th 1970: Keel struck.

March 9th 1971: Launched.

May 18th 1971: Sea trials.

May 19th 1971: Delivered to Moltzau Line A/S, Gedser, Denmark.

May 20th 1971: On the journey from the builders to Travemünde, she suffered major electrical problems and had to be repaired at Werft Nobiskrug, Rendsburg.

May 23rd 1971: Arrived at Travemünde.

May 25th 1971: Commenced service between Gedser – Travemünde.

© Jurgen Stein

Travemunde  – © Jurgen Stein

© Wolfgang Fricke © Wolfgang Fricke

Travemunde  – © Wolfgang Fricke (Travemunde, 01/01/1975)

1976: Registered to Gedser – Travemunde Ruteen A/S, Gedser.

© Frank Heine

Travemunde  – © Frank Heine (Travemunde 08/1980)

December 31st 1980: Sold to Prekookeanska Plovidba, Bar, Yugoslavia. Renamed NJEGOS.

January 1st 1981 – June 18th 1981: Bare-boat chartered to Gedser-Travemünde Ruten A/S, Gedser for further service between Gedser – Travemunde.

© Ulrich Streich © Ulrich Streich  

Njegos – © Ulrich Streich

June 19th 1981: Final arrival in Travemunde.

June 24th 1981: Journey to the Mediterranean.

July 1981: In service between Bar – Bari.

May 1994 – July 1984: Chartered to Brittany Ferries SA, Roscoff, France. In service between Roscoff – St Malo – Portsmouth.

July 3rd 1984 – October 6th 1984: Chartered to Sally Line. In service between Ramsgate – Dunkerque.

© Ken Larwood © Tony Garner  

Njegos – © Ken Larwood (left) © Tony Garner (right)

© Fotoflite © Fotoflite

Njegos – © Fotoflite

© Simonwp

Njegos – © Simonwp (Ramsgate 01/08/1984)

October 6th 1984: Laid up in Dunkerque.

© Jurgen Stein

Njegos – © Jurgen Stein

1985: Chartered to Brittany Ferries SA, Roscoff, France for three years. Renamed TREGASTEL.

© Fotoflite © Fotoflite  

Tregastel – © Fotoflite (both)

May 1st 1985: Commenced service between Plymouth – Roscoff.

© Simonwp

Tregastel – © Simonwp (Portsmouth 01/02/1986)

© Frank Heine

Tregastel – © Frank Heine (Roscoff 08/08/1986)

1987: Sold to Finouest (B.A.I.S.A.) Brittany Ferries (Bretagne-England-Ireland), Roscoff, France (Brittany Ferries). Rebuilt at HDW, Kiel, Germany, then Roscoff – Plymouth service.

July 18th 1989: Transferred to Truckline Ferries for service between Poole – Cherbourg.

© Frank Heine

Tregastel – © Frank Heine (Roscoff 05/05/1989)

October 1989 – June 1990: Services between Caen – Portsmouth

July 7th 1990 – September 30th 1990: Cherbourg – Poole.

© Tony Garner  Andreas Wörteler Collection  

Tregastel – © Tony Garner (left) and Andreas Wörteler Collection (right)

October 1990: Chartered by the French Government as a troop transport to the Persian Gulf.

© Frank Heine

Tregastel – © Frank Heine (Cherbourg 27/05/1991)

September 29th 1991: Last service between Poole – Cherbourg.

October 7th 1991 – October 17th 1991: Services between Roscoff – Plymouth.

October 1991: Freight only between Portsmouth – Caen.

December 1991: Kept in reserve by Brittany Ferries , then laid up at Chatham.

January 3rd 1992: Sold to P&O Steam Nav. Co London. Renamed TREG.

© Ken Larwood © Ken Larwood  

Treg – © Ken Larwood (both)

January 4th 1992: Arrived at Lloyd-Werft GmbH, Bremerhaven for rebuilding.

© Dirk Jankowsky © Dirk Jankowsky  

Treg/St Clair – © Dirk Jankowsky (both)

March 6th 1992: To P&O Scottish Ferries, Aberdeen, Scotland and renamed ST CLAIR.

March 11th 1992: Commenced service between Aberdeen – Lerwick and other trips between Lerwick – Bergen.

© Simonwp

St Clair – © Simonwp (Approaching Aberdeen, April 1992)

May 14th 1992 – May 18th 1992: Exhibition ship in Stavanger.

© Tony Garner

St Clair – ©  Tony Garner

1993: Weekly services between Lerwick – Bergen

1995: Rebuilt at a cost of £1.2 million with side-sponsors adding 100 tons to her weight.

April 1995: Resumed in service.

August 24th 1997: Last trip Lerwick – Bergen.

October 1st 2002: Last day in service between Aberdeen – Lerwick then laid up at Leith.

© Willi Langes

St Clair – © Willi Langes

October 24th 2002: Departed Leith

October 26th 2002: Arrived at Rotterdam.

October 2002: Sold to Baaboud Trading & Shipping Agencies (Mohammed Ahmed Aboud Baaboud), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and renamed BARAKAT .

© Ton Grootenboer

Barakat – © Ton Grootenboer

November 1st 2002: Left Rotterdam for Saudi Arabia.

2002: Services in the Red Sea between Jeddah – Suakin.

May 4th 2004: Registered Owner; Baaboud Trading & Shipping

© Baaboud Trading & Shipping

Barakat – 🆕© Baaboud Trading & Shipping

July 2011: Renamed NOOR quickly changing to NOOR 1 and last known as being in Jeddah (September 2011).

© Drago Krivokapic © Drago Krivokapic  

Noor  – © Drago Krivokapic

July 2011: Renamed NOOR I

November 2021: At anchor in Osman Digna having operated between Jeddah – Osman Digna (Sudan).

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: Wolfgang Fricke, Tony Garner, Ton Grootenboer, Frank Heine, Dirk Jankowsky, Drago Krivokapic, Willi Langes, Ken Larwood, Simonwp, Jurgen Stein, Ulrich Streich and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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