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MV Atlas Han (Ex Tor Anglia (1966)) – Past and Present

IMO Number: 6600606

MV Atlas Han

Ex Atlas Han, Baia Sardinia, Sardinia Nova, Express Olbia, Tor Anglia

Roy Thornton Collection

Roy Thornton Collection

Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1966 by Lubecker Flender-Werke, Lubeck (Yard No 555) as a Passenger/Roro Cargo/Ferry.

Technical Data

  • Length: 138.03 m (overall) 125.41 m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 21.57 m
  • Depth: 12.50 m
  • Draught: 5.519 m
  • Tonnage: 7042 – 7959 – 11024 gross/2759 – 3820 – 4891 net/2463 – 2503 – 1680t deadweight
  • Engines: 4 x Pielstick 12PC2-2V 400 diesels
  • Power: 16418 kW/23320 bHP
  • Speed: 23.0  knots
  • Capacity: 980 – 1600 passengers/300 – 386 cars/450 lane meters
  • Call Sign: SFGN, IBTO
  • IMO Number: 6600606
  • Official Number (LR: 1992 – 1993): 474
  • Port of Registry: Gothenburg/Sweden 🇸🇪, Cagliari/Italy 🇮🇹, Genoa/Italy 🇮🇹, Turkey 🇹🇷
  • Sister-Ship:  Tor Hollandia (559)


October 20th 1965: Launched and Christened. 

February 22nd 1966: Trials.

March 14th 1966: Delivered to Tor Line Ab, Gothenburg.

Postcard Postcard



© PWR (Immingham)

March 15th 1966: Services Gothenburg – Immingham.

December 1966: Heavy storm in the North Sea damaged her bow visor. Manoeuvring in the wind the bow visor was temporarily welded secure. On arrival at Immingham further welding reinforcements were completed.

1967: Bow visor permanently welded closed.

1967: Additional services Gothenburg – Immingham – Amsterdam.

© Willem Oldenburg

© Willem Oldenburg (Ijmuiden, 20/08/1971)

May 21st 1975: Laid up in Byfjorden.

June 2nd 1975 – August 7th 1975:  Chartered to Larvik-Frederikshavns Ferjen A/S Larvik for services Larvik – Frederikshavn. (NB: Before the charter, the bow visor was opened. After the charter was completed, it was welded again).

August 8th 1975: Laid up.

August 1975: Sold to Trans Tirreno Express, Olbia, Italy.

October 1975: Taken over by her new owners.

October 26th 1975 – March 20th 1976: Chartered to Tor Line for services Gothenburg – Amsterdam.

March 20th 1976: At the entrance to Ijmuiden Lock the stabilizers were still deployed and the vessel collided with the dock wall. Started taking in water amidships and began to sink. Danish tug pushed her towards shore. Eventually towed the ship into an Amsterdam repair yard.

© HAR Roy Thornton Collection

© HAR (Ijmuiden 1976) (Left) Roy Thornton Collection (Right)

June 1976: Repairs completed and returned to owners. Renamed ESPRESSO OLBIA .

June 1976: Services Livorno – Olbia.

Courtesy of Simonwp

Courtesy of Simonwp

Andreas Wörteler Collection Andreas Wörteler Collection

Andreas Wörteler Collection (Both)

Internet Source

Internet Source

January 1978: Services between Genoa – Palermo.

1978: Chartered to Adriatica Di Navigazone SpA, Venice, Italy for services Brindisi – Patras.

October 1979: Chartered to Tor Line/ Fred Olsen initially for services Gothenburg – Kristiansand – Newcastle. However, Fred Olsen withdrew from the project. Further plans were to enter the vessel Sessanlinjen services. Problems arose with the Swedish Maritime Union over nationality crewing levels and she was laid up in Gothenburg.

February 13th 1980 – March 24th 1980: Chartered to B&I Line, Dublin for services Pembroke – Cork.

March 1980: Laid up in Gothenburg.

May 1980: Chartered to TT-Line, Germany.

May 11th 1980: Arrived Travemunde.

June 8th 1980 – September 28th 1980: Cruising between Travemunde – Ronne – Helsinki – Tallinn – Danzig – Travemunde. Inder the “Trading Name” ROBIN HOOD II.

© Jurgen Stein

© Jurgen Stein

October 2nd 1980 – August 1981: Laid up in Vlissingen, Holland.

© Simonwp

© Simonwp (Flushing, 07/09/1981)

October 1981: Sold to Nouvo Trans Tirreno Express SrL Cagliari, Italy (Subsidiary of Corsica Ferries).

December 1981: Laid up in La Spezia.

1982: Renamed SARDINIA NOVA .

May 1982: Sardinia Ferries services Livorno – Olbia (summer months (winter, laid up laid up).

© Simonwp © Carlo Martinelli

© Simonwp (Leghorn, 23/09/1986)(Left)© Carlo Martinelli 

November 1989 – March 1990: Chartered to the DA-NO Line for services Frederikshavn – Oslo.

March 1990: Returned from charter services Livorno – Olbia.

1993: Rebuilt aft with more cabins. Services Livorno – Golfo Aranci.

© Carlo Martinelli

© Carlo Martinelli (Leghorn, 13/07/1997)

© Carlo Martinelli

© Carlo Martinelli (Leghorn, 03/10/1999)

June 9th 2001: Services Civitavecchia – Cagliari.

© Pieter Inpyn

© Pieter Inpyn (Livorno, 01/06/2003)

© Lars Helge Isdahl

© Lars Helge Isdahl (Civitavecchia, 03/07/2005)

January 2006: Sold to D&P Cruises, SpA Genoa, Italy and renamed BAIA SARDINIA . 

June 1st 2006 – September 24th 2006: Services Genoa – Palau.

© Carlo Martinelli

© Carlo Martinelli (Genoa, 29/06/2006)

© Carlo Martinelli

© Carlo Martinelli (Genoa, 15/06/2007)

July 1st 2007 – September 17th 2007: DiMaio Lines services Genoa – Palau.

June 13th 2008 – September 7th 2008: Services Naples – Palau/Olbia/ Cagliari.

June 5th 2009 – September 13th 2009: Services Naples – Palau/Olbia/ Cagliari.

June 4th 2010 – September 4th 2010: Services Naples – Palau/Olbia/ Cagliari.

September 2010: Sold to Turkish breakers.

September 6th 2010: Arrived in Aliaga, Turkey.

October 2010: Sold to Yazici Demir Celik Sa Ve Turizm Tic. AS, Iskenderun, Turkey and renamed ATLAS HAN .

2010: Towed to Azganlik to become hotel ship for Chinese workers. 

2015: Scrapped in Iskenderun, Turkey.

© Selim San © Selim San © Selim San

© Selim San (Aliaga, 15-16/09/2010)

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking:   Fotoflite, HAR, Pieter Inpyn, Lars Helge Isdahl, Dirk Jankowshy, Carlo Martinelli, Willem Oldenburg, PWR, Selim San, Simonwp, Jurgen Stein and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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