Irish Continental Group (ICG)

The Irish Continental Group (ICG) is an Irish shipping and transport group operating ferry services via its Irish Ferries subsidiary and container freight services via its Eucon Shipping and Transport subsidiary on routes between Ireland, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

The Irish Continental Group also operates container terminals in the ports of Dublin (Ireland) and Belfast (Northern Ireland) and is also in the ship chartering business.

The Irish Continental Line was formed via a joint venture between Lion Ferry, Irish Shipping and Fearnley & Eger in 1972 in order to provide a direct ferry link from Ireland to Continental Europe.

Irish Shipping went into liquidation in 1984 and Irish Continental Line was sold off in a management buyout and emerged as the Irish Continental Group.

In 1992 the Irish Continental Group acquired The British and Irish Steam Packet Company (trading as the B&I Line) from the Irish Government. Following its acquisition the routes of B&I and ICG were rebranded as Irish Ferries.

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