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MV Orient Express – Past and Present

IMO Number: 7360198

🇮🇳 MV Amet Majesty

ex Arberia, Wasa Queen, Orient Sun, Eurosun, Orient Express, Eurosun, Orient Express, Club Sea, Orient Express, Silja Star, Bore Star

© Sealink (UK)

Orient Express © Sealink (UK)

Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1975 by Dubigeon-Normandie S.A. Prairie au doc, Nantes, France (Yard No 143) as a Passenger/RoRo Ferry for Oy Höyrylaiva Oy Bore/Ångfartygs Bore Ab, Turku, Finland

Technical Data

  • Length: 153.12 m (overall)142.42 m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 22.31 m
  • Depth: 7.95 m
  • Draught: 5.081 m
  • Tonnage: 12343 – 16546 gross/6198 – 7011net/1880 – 1995t deadweight
  • Engines: 4 Vee Oil 4SA 12 cylinder Semt Pielstick 12-PC2-2V-400 diesels
  • Power: 17904 kW/24000 bHP
  • Speed: 22 knots
  • Capacity: 1200 – 1599 passengers/240 – 210 cars
  • Call Sign: OIGM ,9VKJ, H9KU, OJDZ, AVKY
  • IMO Number: 7360198
  • Port of Registry: Turku/Finland 🇫🇮, Helsinki/Finland 🇫🇮, Hamilton/Bermuda 🇧🇲, Singapore/Singapore 🇸🇬, Vaasa/Finland 🇫🇮, Mariehamn/Finland 🇫🇮, Panama City/Panama 🇵🇦, Chennai/India 🇮🇳
  • Sister Ships: Svea Corona, Wellamo


September 16th 1974: Keel laid.

January 30th 1975: Launched. The third and last vessel of the series.

November 5th 1975: Left Nantes for St Nazaire and dry-docking prior to sea trials.

December 2nd 1975: Delivered to Oy Höyrylaiva Oy Bore/Ångfartygs Bore Ab, Turku, Finland at a cost of 116 million FIM (Finnish Markka). Her godmother was Mrs Van Retig.

© Marius Esman  © Marius Esman

Bore Star © Marius Esman – Meppel

December 11th 1975 – May 7th 1976: Chartered to Oy Finnlines Ltd, Helsinki, Finland and under the trading name of FINNPARTNER, commenced service on a series of cruises around the Canary Islands and the West African Coast.

May 12th 1976: Maiden arrival in Turku, then sailed to Stockholm.

June 1976 – November 10th 1976: Silja Line services between Stockholm – Helsinki.

September 20th 1976: Collided with a tanker in Stockholm and received bow damage.

November 1976 – May 13th 1977: Chartered to Finnlines Ltd, Helsinki, again under the trading name of FINNPARTNER, for cruising in the Canary Islands and the West African Coast.

June 1977: Silja Lines services between Stockholm – Helsinki.

©Jan Lindahl  ©Jan Lindahl

Bore Star – ©Jan Lindahl

January 1st 1979: Owners renamed Oy Bore Line Ab, Turku, Finland.

July 11th 1980: Sold to Finska Ångfartygs AB (FÅA), Helsinki, Finland for services Stockholm – Mariehamn – Turku.

September 1st 1980: Renamed SILJA STAR.

March 7th 1983: Whilst berthed and loading in Värtahamnen, Stockholm the wash from the manoeuvring SILVIA REGINA caused her to move. The passenger loading ramp became detached  and a Finish passenger fell into the water and drowned.

© Bob Scott  

Silja Star © Bob Scott (Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden 17/06/1984) (Left) and Courtesy of DDGHANSA (Right)

January 1st 1985: Financial management, previously under the directorship of her owner, was passed to Silja Line.

September 4th 1985 – September 5th 1985: Inspection of vessel by Sealink UK Ltd.

January 1986: Arrived at HDW, Kiel for refit.

January 30th 1986: Sold for $16.5 million USD to Baldur Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda. (Sea Containers Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda) and renamed ORIENT EXPRESS.

February 27th 1986: Arrived at Lloyd Werft GmbH, Bremerhaven rebuilding/refurbishment.

Conversion at Lloyd-Werft, Bremerhaven







Nigel Thornton Collection (Bremerhaven, March 1986)

April 17th 1986: Re-delivered after rebuild.

© Ken Larwood  © Ken Larwood

Orient Express © Ken Larwood (Venice, April 1986)

May 3rd 1986 – October 1986: Cruising between Venice – Piraeus – Istanbul.

 © Sealink (UK)   © Sealink (UK)

Orient Express © Sealink (UK)

© Peter J Fitzpatrick

Orient Express © Peter J Fitzpatrick (Piraeus, 1984)

December 1986: Chartered to Club Sea Inc, Antigua for cruising in the Caribbean. Renamed CLUB SEA.

Nigel Thornton Collection

Nigel Thornton Collection

April 1987: Returned from charter and renamed ORIENT EXPRESS.

Ramsey Postcard

Nigel Thornton Collection (Ramsey Postcard)

April 1987: Operated between Venice – Piraeus – Istanbul. In the winter months cruising in the Caribbean.

© Tony Garner

Orient Express © Tony Garner (Funchal, 09/03/1988)

December 16th 1988: Arrived at Cie Compagnie Marseillaise, Marseille for rebuilding/refit.

March 15th 1989: Re-delivered after rebuild.

October 1989: Chartered to Europe Cruise Line (EffJohn) and renamed EUROSUN. Cruising around the Canary Islands and West coast of Africa.

December 1989: Sold for $40 million USD to Eurosun Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda (EffJohn).

May 1990: Renamed ORIENT EXPRESS.

May 1990: Operated between Venice – Piraeus – Istanbul.

November 1990: Renamed EUROSUN.

Nigel Thornton Collection

Bernt Anderson Collection

Eurosun – Bernt Anderson Collection

March 22nd 1991: Outside Las Palmas suffered a fire on board. Managed to enter Las Palmas, under her own power, where the fire was extinguished and passengers evacuated. No Reported injuries.

May 1991: Sold to Orient Line Pte Ltd, Singapore (EffJohn International) and renamed ORIENT SUN

June 9th 1991: Left Piraeus for Singapore.

June 1991: Singapore based cruises.

© LH Isdahl  © LH Isdahl

Orient Sun © L H Isdahl

March 30th 1992: Sold for 155 million Finnish Markka to Effdo 3 Oy (c/o Wasa Line Oy Ab) Vaasa, Finland.

April 2nd 1992: Arrived at Kotkan Telakka Oy, Kotka, Finland for rebuild costing 45 million Finnish Markka. Included sponsons, cabin renovation, new conference rooms, new restaurants and elevated ice class.

April 3rd 1992: Renamed WASA QUEEN.

May 15th 1992: Wasa Line services between Sundsvall – Vaasa and Umeå – Vaasa.

©  Pieter Inpyn  ©  Pieter Inpyn

©  Pieter Inpyn  ©  Pieter Inpyn

Wasa Queen © Pieter Inpyn (Sundsvall, 01/06/1992)

June 13th 1992: At position 10 km southeast of Sundsvall suffered an electrical transformer fire which resulted in a total blackout rendering her a “Dead Ship”.

June 14th 1992: During the night the fire was extinguished and full power was restored. With escort, she continued to Wasa.

December 4th 1993: Suffered engine problems and ran aground off Wasa.

December 5th 1993: Passengers were evacuated and she was refloated before being towed to Turku shipyards for repair.

December 31st 1993:  EffJohn reorganised their operations, merging Wasa Line into Silja Line. She was repainted in Silja Line’s colours.

December 31st 1993: Transferred to Wasa Line Oy Ab, Mariehamn, Finland.

©  Pieter Inpyn  ©  Pieter Inpyn

Wasa Queen ©  Pieter Inpyn (Sundsvall, 01/06/1994)

1994: Winter services between Helsinki -Tallinn.

May 6th 1996 – September 3rd 1996: Services between Wasa – Umeå.

September 4th 1996 – September 23rd 1999: Services between Helsinki-Tallinn.

© Simonwp

Wasa Queen © Simonwp (Tallinn, 01/08/1999)

© Silja Line

Wasa Queen © Silja Line (02/08/97)

September 25th 1999: Commenced services between Vaasa – Umeå.

December 31st 2000: Final voyage between Vaasa – Umeå.

January 1st 2001: Laid up in Vaasa, Finland.

January 4th 2001: Registered to Silja Line Oy, Mariehamn.

July 2001: Chartered to Italian authorities to act as a hotel ship during the G8 meetings.

July 5th 2001: Left Wasa for Genoa, Italy.

July 16th 2001: Arrived in Genoa.

July 26th 2001: Sold to Megastar Capricorn Ltd, Panama. (Star Cruises).

August 2nd 2001: Left Genoa for rebuilding in Singapore.

September 2001: Cruising from Singapore.

October 2001: Services for Star Cruises (Subsidiary of Cruise Ferry) Hong Kong – Xiamen.

© Finn Torquist

Wasa Queen (Hong Kong, August 2006) © Finn Torquist (Ship Spotting)

© Henk v.d.Linden  © Henk v.d.Linden

Wasa Queen © Henk v.d.Linden (Hong Kong 27/03/2003)

July 2007: 12 hour casino cruises from Port Klang.

October 2008: Laid up in Port Klang.

April 2009: Sold to Chryses Finance Co, Panama (Management Ilion Lines S.A.) and renamed ARBERIA.

May 23rd 2009: Arrived at Piraeus Roads to await a berth in Perama.

June 27th 2009: Arrived in Piraeus.

July 2009 – February 2011: Services Trieste – Durres – Bari.

© Marko Stampehl

Arberia © Marko Stampehl (Bari, 14/07/2010)

November 2010: Management Nel Lines and commenced services for Nel Lines between Bari – Durres.

February 26th 2011: Arrived at Taranto.

March 1st 2011: Left Taranto for Valletta.

March 2nd 2011 – March 16th 2011: “Awaited Orders” in Valletta.

March 16th 2011: Left Valletta for Keratsini.

March 22nd 2011: Arrived at Keratsini.

March 29th 2011: Sold to AMET Shipp, I Pvt, Ltd, Chengalpattu (registered to Academy Of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai), India and renamed AMET MAJESTY.

April 11th 2011: Left Keratsini for refit in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Amet Majesty © Marko Stampehl

June 8th 2011: Commenced cruising and also acted as a training vessel, being deployed Sri Lanka – Andaman – Phuket – Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep – Kochi – Maldives.

© Jimmy Jose  © Jimmy Jose

Amet Majesty (Kochi, Cochin, India 24/01/2012) © Jimmy Jose (Ship Spotting)

May 2013: Sold to Indian breakers.

May 17th 2013: Arrived at Alang, India for scrapping.

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: DDGHANSA, Marius Esman – Meppel, Peter J Fitzpatrick, Tony Garner, Pieter Inpyn, L H Isdahl, Jimmy Jose, Ken Larwood, Jan Lindahl, Henk v.d.Linden ,Lindström, Simonwp, Marko Stampehl, Finn Torquist, Tim Vogel and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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