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MV Stena Nordica – Past and Present

IMO Number: 9215505

MV Stena Nordica

ex Malo Seaways, Stena Nordica, European Ambassador

© Ray Goodfellow

Malo Seaways – © Ray Goodfellow

Twin screw motor vessel built in 2000 at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shimonoseki, Japan (Yard No. 1068) as a passenger and vehicle roll-on/roll-off ferry

Technical Detail

  • Length: 170.50m (overall), m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 25.81m (extreme), m (overall)
  • Depth: m
  • Draught: 6.00m (maximum)
  • Tonnage: 24,206 gross, 4884t (deadweight)
  • Engines: Two Wartsila 12V38/18V38 diesels.
  • Power: 3,9600 kW
  • Speed: 25 knots
  • Capacity: 405 passengers, 375 cars / 1,949 lane metres
  • Call Sign: C6RG8, 2BXO2, FISR, 2BXO2, C6EB2
  • IMO Number: 9215505 
  • Official Number: 8000165
  • Registry: Nassau/Bahamas 🇧🇸, Gothenburg/Sweden , London/United Kingdom 🇬🇧, Le Havre/France 🇫🇷, Dover/United Kingdom 🇬🇧, London/United Kingdom 🇬🇧, Nassau/Bahamas 🇧🇸
  • Near Sister-ships: European Causeway (1065), European Highlander (1069)

Location Data

Please note that this vessels AIS transponder and position data may be over an hour old and that this specific vessels position will only be displayed when it is within range of the MarineTraffic AIS system. The AIS transponder/ship position data featured on this page is intended for information purposes only and it is no way related to the safety of navigation at sea. All the AIS ship position data featured within this page is provided by marinetraffic.com and we are therefore not responsible for the content or the accuracy of this data


Ordered by P&O Irish Sea of the United Kingdom the vessel was built by Mitsubishi, Shimonoseki Shipyard, Japan. The vessel is the second of a trio of near-sisters and was designed by Danish naval architects Knud E Hansen as an efficient and fast RoPax vessel for operation on the Irish Sea on the Northern Corridor between Scotland and Northern Ireland. The first vessel is the EUROPEAN CAUSEWAY (1065) and the third is EUROPEAN HIGHLANDER (1069).

August 18th 2000: Launched.

August 13th 2000: Delivered to Lombard Facilities/ P&O Ship Management Irish Sea, Nassau, Bahamas.

December 13th 2000: Left Shimonoseki for Liverpool.

January 6th 2001: Arrived Liverpool after bunkering in Singapore and Gibraltar.

© Trevor Kidd

European Ambassador – © Trevor Kidd

January 8th 2001: Commenced service for P&O European Ferries Irish Sea between Liverpool – Dublin.

© Trevor Kidd   © Trevor Kidd

European Ambassador – Departing Dublin © Trevor Kidd

Between April 2002 – November 2002: Ran round trips between Dublin – Cherbourg.

Winter 2002: During Winter 2002 she operated weekend sailings Dublin – Rosslare – Cherbourg – Dublin.

© Trevor Kidd   © Trevor Kidd

European Ambassador – Rosslare Europort © Trevor Kidd

January 26th 2001: Christened in Dublin.

November 2001: Introduced between Mostyn – Dublin.

© Simonwp  © Dogan

European Ambassador – © Simonwp (Left) © Dogan (Mostyn, 08/04/2002) (Right)

April 5th 2004: Final voyage between Mostyn – Dublin.

April 13th 2004: Docked in Canada Dock in Liverpool.

April 19th 2004: Left Liverpool for Larne.

April 20th 2004: Left Larne for Gothenburg.

April 21st 2004: Sold to Stena Carrier Ab, Gothenburg.

April 23rd 2004: Renamed STENA NORDICA.

May 6th 2004: Chartered to Stena Line Scandinavia AB for service between Karlskrona – Gdynia.

May 7th 2004: Arrived Gdynia.

© Andreas Wörteler  © Andreas Wörteler

© Andreas Wörteler  © Andreas Wörteler

Stena Nordica – © Andreas Wörteler

June 11th 2004: Replaced STENA TRAVELLER on the Karlskrona – Gdynia route.

January 9th 2008: Arrived at Rosslare for berthing trials.

© Gordon Hislip

Stena Nordica – 09.01/08 Berthing Trials at Rosslare Europort © Gordon Hislip

January 10th 2008: Arrived in Dublin for berthing trials.

© Gordon Hislip

Stena Nordica – 10/01/2008 arriving for berthing trials at Dublin © Gordon Hislip

January 2008 – January 27th 2008: Service between Holyhead – Dublin.

January 28th 2008 – February 11th 2008: Service between Fishguard – Rosslare.

February 2008: Commenced service between Karlskrona – Gdynia.

October 20th 2008: Final sailing between Karlskrona – Gdynia.

October 20th 2008: Refit at City Varvet, Gothenburg.

November 4th 2008: Commenced service between – Rosslare.

November 13th 2008: Commenced service between Holyhead – Dublin.

© Gordon Hislip

Stena Nordica – 31/5/09 Dawn Layover at Dublin © Gordon Hislip

March 2009: Major refit and refurbishment.

© Gordon Hislip  © Gordon Hislip

Stena Nordica – Departing Dublin for Holyhead 28/4/2011 (left) and arriving at Dublin 19/03/2011 © Gordon Hislip

January 16th 2013 – January 31st 2013: Service between Rosslare – Fishguard.

© Gordon Hislip

Stena Nordica – Rosslare Europort © Gordon Hislip

© Trevor Kidd  © Trevor Kidd

© Trevor Kidd  © Trevor Kidd

© Trevor Kidd  © Trevor Kidd

Stena Nordica – © Trevor Kidd (all)

February 2nd 2013 – March 5th 2013: Service between Belfast – Cairnryan.

© Gordon Hislip

Stena Nordica – Arriving at Loch Ryan Port on the 02/03/13 © Gordon Hislip

March 6th 2013: Commenced service between Dublin – Holyhead.

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

Stena Nordica – Dublin October 2014 © Ray Goodfellow

December 2014: It was announced that the Stena Nordica would be replaced on the Holyhead-Dublin route by the Stena Superfast X (ex Dieppe Seaways) in early 2015. Following the delivery of the Stena Superfast X it is understood that the Nordica will cover refits on the Irish sea before being redeployed.

January 23rd 2015: DFDS Seaways announced that they had secured an 18 month charter of the Stena Nordica and following refit and renaming she would enter service between Dover and Calais.

February 1st 2015: Sustained hull damage alongside in Holyhead after the bunkering vessel ‘Keewhit’ lost engine power and collided with the Nordica.

March 9th 2015: Completed service at Holyhead, being replaced by the Stena Superfast X. Due to arrive in Belfast on the 10/03/15 to cover the refits of Stena Superfast VII and Stena Superfast VIII on the Cairnryan to Belfast route.

© Robert Stanley  © Robert Stanley

Stena Nordica – Belfast 23rd March 2015 © Robert Stanley

March 28th 2015: Having completed service with Stena Line the vessel departed Belfast for Dunkerque and handover to DFDS Seaways. Expected time of arrival (ETA) in Dunkerque is 0800 on the 30th March 2015.

© Jean-Guy Hagelstein

Stena Nordica – Dunkerque © Jean-Guy Hagelstein

March 30th 2015 (09.04 hrs): Arrived in Dunkerque and proceeded to the Damen yard.



Stena Nordica – Damen Dunkerque 04/04/15 © Julien Carpentier

April 6th 2015: Entered dry dock at Damen Dunkerque.

© Jean-Guy Hagelstein  © Jean-Guy Hagelstein

© Jean-Guy Hagelstein  © Jean-Guy Hagelstein

© Jean-Guy Hagelstein  © Jean-Guy Hagelstein

© Jean-Guy Hagelstein  © Jean-Guy Hagelstein

Stena Nordica – Undergoing refit at Damen Dunkerque © Jean-Guy Hagelstein

April 8th 2015: According to AIS data the vessel has now been renamed MALO SEAWAYS, registered at Le Havre, France.



Malo Seaways – Dunkerque 19/04/15 © Julien Carpentier

April 19th 2015: Departed Dunkerque for Calais.

April 20th 2015: Completed berthing trials in Calais before proceeding to Dover to conduct further trials. Departed Dover for Dunkerque for minor adjustments to her to make her more compatible with the Calais linkspans.

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

Malo Seaways – Maiden arrival in Dover on the 20/04/15 © Ray Goodfellow

© Mike Jackson

Malo Seaways – Berthed at Dover Eastern docks on the 20/04/15 © Mike Jackson

© Ed Connell  © Ed Connell

© Ed Connell  © Ed Connell

© Ed Connell  © Ed Connell

Malo Seaways – © Ed Connell

© DFDS Seaways

Malo Seaways – © DFDS Seaways

Onboard the Malo Seaways

Malo Seaways – © Paul Cloke – Many thanks to DFDS for facilitating our visit.

April 22nd 2015: Departed Dunkerque for Calais and duly entered service between Calais and Dover for DFDS Seaways.

© Ed Connell  © Ed Connell

© Ed Connell  © Ed Connell

Malo Seaways – © Ed Connell

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

Malo Seaways – Arrival in Dover 29/06/15 © Ray Goodfellow

June 30th 2015: Industrial action blockading the port of Calais enforced her lay up in Dover.

July 10th 2015: Conducted berthing trials in Dunkerque

© Ed Connell

Malo Seaways – © Ed Connell

July 11th 2015: Returned to Dover and continued lay up.

© Ed Connell

Malo Seaways – © Ed Connell

July 21st 2015: Resumed service between Dover and Calais.

© Pete Trett

Malo Seaways – Dover 23/07/15 © Pete Trett

July 26th 2015: DFDS Seaways suspended services between Dover and Calais due to ongoing industrial action by the Maritime North Union. Vessel laid up in Dover.

July 28th 2015: Resumed service between Dover and Calais.

© Carsten Dettmer  © Carsten Dettmer

Malo Seaways – © Carsten Dettmer (03 – 04/10/2015)

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

Malo Seaways – © Ray Goodfellow

December 28th 2015: Off service at Dover Western Docks Cruise Terminal Two.

© Nigel Scutt (Dover Marina)

Malo Seaways – © Nigel Scutt (Dover Strait Shipping)

December 29th 2015: Vessel re-flagged to Dover/United Kingdom.

© Nigel Scutt (Dover Marina)  © Nigel Scutt (Dover Marina)

Malo Seaways – Arriving in Dover 07/01/16 © Nigel Scutt (Dover Strait Shipping)

February 13th 2016: Suffered a technical issue with all her sailings cancelled. Remained alongside in the port of Calais.

© Nigel Scutt (Dover Marina)

Malo Seaways – Laid up in Calais on the 15/02/16 © Nigel Scutt (Dover Straits Shipping)


© George Holland  © George Holland

© George Holland  © George Holland

© George Holland  © George Holland

© George Holland  © George Holland

Malo Seaways – © George Holland

February 18th 2016: Departed Calais for the Damen Shipyard at Dunkerque East for repairs. DFDS announced that the Malo Seaways would not be returning to the Dover-Calais route and would be returned to her owners at the end of the charter period. Rumours suggest that the Malo Seaways will be chartered to GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci) for a 1 year period and will operate between the island of Sicily and the Italian mainland, namely Civitavecchia-Palermo, Civitavecchia-Termini Imerese, Genoa-Palermo and Naples-Palermo.

© Martin Appleyard  © Nathan Burt

Malo Seaways – © Martin Appleyard (left) © Nathan Burt (right)

© Nathan Burt  © Nathan Burt

bar002   © Nathan Burt

 © Nathan Burt   © Nathan Burt

Malo Seaways – © Nathan Burt

27/04/2016: No change in name.

© Nathan Burt  © Nathan Burt

© Nathan Burt  © Nathan Burt

© Nathan Burt  © Nathan Burt

Malo Seaways – © Nathan Burt

June 12th 2016: Internet sources indicate she remains in Dunkerque “Awaiting Orders”

June 20th (01.37 hrs LT): Under the name STENA NORDICA departed Dunkerque bound for Genoa.

June 24th 2016 (19.21 hrs): Arrived in Genoa.

August 18th 2016: Commenced services between Termini Imerese (Palermo) to Genoa on a tri-weekly basis (departures on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays; arrivals on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays). Also other GNV routes.

Stena Nordica – © Josep Pretel

November 15th 2016: Sailed from lay-up in Barcelona, destination Rotterdam.

November 20th 2016: Arrived Rotterdam.

November 22nd 2016: Left Rotterdam.

November 24th 2016: Arrived Travemunde, Germany.

November 25th 2016: Stena Line announce changes to their Baltic route network.

“The ferry crossing from Ventspils to Travemünde will be redirected to Liepaja. In turn, Liepaja will be the main port connecting Latvia to the western part of Central Europe. An additional ferry will be introduced to this route to Germany, increasing the number of crossings by 25 %. Starting from 3 January 2017, the route will provide eight crossings per week. The route will be operated by Urd and Stena Nordica. Stena Nordica will be taken into operation during spring and until then Stena Gothica, operating Göteborg-Frederikshavn, will be a relief ship. The ferry crossing from Liepaja to Nynäshamn will be transferred to Ventspils.” – Stena Line

© Tim Becker

Stena Nordica – , Germany © Tim Becker

November 26th 2016: Service between Travemünde – Liepaja.

December 5th 2016: One trip Liepaja – Nynäshamn.

December 6th 2016 – December 21st 2016: Services between Nynäshamn – Ventspils.

© Micke Asklander‎  © Micke Asklander‎

Stena Nordica – Arriving in Nynäshamn on the 06/12/16 © Micke Asklander‎ (faktaomfartyg.se)

December 22nd 2016: Left Ventspils bound for Dublin as refit cover.

December 27th 2016 (8.17 hrs utc): Arrived Dublin anchorage.


Stena Nordica – © Mick Hughes

December 27th 2016 (12.33 hrs utc): Arrived in Dublin

© Robbie Cox

Stena Nordica – © Robbie Cox

December 28th 2016: Commenced berthing trials in Dublin.

January 3rd 2017: Sailed from Dublin to Dublin Anchorage.

© Robbie Cox

Stena Nordica – © Robbie Cox

January 3rd 2017: Sailed from Dublin Anchorage to Rosslare for berthing trials.

January 4th 2017: In service on the Rosslare – Fishguard service covering for the refit of the STENA EUROPE.

January 16th 2017: Due to complete service on the Rosslare-Fishguard route before transferring to the Rosslare-Cherbourg service on the 17/01/17 in place of the STENA HORIZON which in turn will cover the refits of the STENA MERSEY and STENA LAGAN on the Belfast-Liverpool service.

March 28th 2017: Left Belfast for Travemunde.

March 31st 2017: Commenced service Travemunde – Liepaja.

© Tim Becker  © Tim Becker

Stena Nordica – © Tim Becker (Travemunde 05/04/2017)

© Tim Becker  © Tim Becker

Stena Nordica – © Tim Becker (Travemunde 10/03/18)

January 22nd 2018: Left Travemünde for Karlskrona.

January 23rd 2018: Commenced services between Karlskrona – Gdynia.

February 18th 2018: Left Gdynia for Ventspils.

February 19th 2018: Commenced services between Ventspils – Nynäshamn.

March 3rd 2018: Left Nynäshamn for Liepaja.

March 4th 2018: Commenced services between Liepaja – Travemünde.

© Carsten Dettmer  © Carsten Dettmer

Stena Nordica – © Carsten Dettmer (Travemunde 02/06/2018)

September 15th 2018: Left Liepaja for Ventspils.

September 16th 2018 – October 4th 2018: Services between Ventspils – Nynäshamn.

October 4th 2018: Left Ventspils for Karlskrona.

October 5th 2018: Arrived in Karlskrona. Transferred to Bahaman, registry home port Nassau.

October 6th 2018: Commenced services between Karlskrona – Gdynia.

January 1st 2019: Came off service and sailed to Rosslare for relief duties.

January 1st 2019: Arrived in Rosslare.

January 2019: Services between Rosslare – Cherbourg.

January 28th 2019: Arrived in Dublin to act as relief vessel Holyhead – Dublin.

February 11th 2019: Relief vessel Belfast – Cairnryan.

March 10th 2019: Services Rosslare – Fishguard.

October 4th 2019: Came off service at Fishguard and sailed to Europoort, Rotterdam (eta 2019-10-07 08:00 LT (UTC +2).

October 7th 2019: Arrived Europoort, Rotterdam.

May 2nd 2020: Left Rotterdam and sailed to Holyhead to act as relief vessel.

May 3rd 2020 – June 15th 2020: Arrived at Holyhead and services Holyhead – Dublin.

June 15th 2020: Left Holyhead for Rosslare.

June 16th 2020: Services Rosslare – Fishguard.

July 5th 2020: Berthing trials at Birkenhead.

© Robert Foy  © Robert Foy

© Robert Foy

Stena Nordica – © Robert Foy (Berthing trials @ Liverpool, 05/07/2020)

July 6th 2020: Commenced service Holyhead – Dublin

July 29th 2020 – September 5th 2020: Services (relief vessel) between Birkenhead – Belfast

© Robert Foy  © Robert Foy

© Robert Foy

Stena Nordica – © Robert Foy (Birkenhead, 29/07/2020)

September 9th 2020: Services between Dublin – Holyhead.

September 30th 2020: Came off service and sailed to Ventspils to act as relief for SCOTTISH VIKING (Ventspils – Nynashamn service)

October 4th 2020: Arrived Ventspils. Services Ventspils – Nynashamn.

October 7th 2020: Left Ventspils

October 7th 2020: Arrived Gdansk for refit

October 20th 2020: To replace STENA BALTICA Karlskrona – Gdynia.

November 1st 2020: Services Karlskrona – Gdynia.

February 13th 2021 – February 26th 2021: Services Ventspils – Nynashamn then reverted to Karlskrona – Gdynia.

September 2021: Still in service Karlskrona – Gdynia.

February 11th 2022: Came off service and sailed to Dublin. Anticipated Stena refit relief vessel, including Irish Sea.

February 14th 2022: Arrived in Dublin and took up service Holyhead – Dublin.

March 2022: Announcement made that she would be transferred to Belfast – Cairnryan.

March 22nd 2022: Sailed from Holyhead to Belfast.

March 22nd 2022: First sailing Belfast – Cairnryan.

Stena Nordica – © Ashley Hawkins (Departing Belfast, 22/03/2022)

© Trevor Kidd © Trevor Kidd © Trevor Kidd © Trevor Kidd © Trevor Kidd © Trevor Kidd 

Stena Nordica – © Trevor Kidd (Belfast, 10/04/2022)

© Stephen Brown

Stena Nordica – 🆕© Stephen Brown

April 25th 2022: Completed Irish Sea services and sailed to Karlskrona.

April 28th 2022: Resumed services Karlskrona – Gdynia.

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: Micke Asklander‎ (faktaomfartyg.se), Martin Appleyard, Tim Becker, Stephen Brown, Nathan Burt, Julien Carpentier, Paul Cloke, Ed Connell, Robbie Cox, Carsten Dettmer, DFDS, Robert Foy, Jean-Guy Hagelstein, Trevor Kidd, Ashley Hawkins, Gordon Hislip, George Holland, Mick Hughes, Mike Jackson, Josep Pretel, Nigel Scutt (Dover Strait Shipping), Simonwp, Robert Stanley, Pete Trett and Andreas Wörteler for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)


  1. What happened to the “other” Stena Nordica that used to do Dover-Calais or maybe Dover-Ostend and then went to Newhaven-Dieppe?

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