Stena AB

Past and Present – Stena AB

The Stena Sphere consists of the three parent companies, Stena AB, Stena metall AB and Stena Sessan AB. A total of 21,000 people are employed in the Stena Sphere. Total income for 2022 was SEK 93 billion.

The foundations to today’s Stena Sphere were laid on 18 November 1939 when the Sten A. Olsson Metallprodukter trading company was founded. In the following years the company expanded both inside and outside the country’s borders.

Sten Allan Olsson (1916-2013) was the son of the skipper and shipowner Gustav Olsson (1876–1956) from Donsö. In 1946, Sten Allan Olsson bought his first vessel with a loan of SEK 25,000 from Handelsbanken, and the shipping business started on a small scale. At the beginning of the 1960s a ferry service started between Gothenburg and Skagen in northern Denmark.

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