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MV Drotten – Past and Present

IMO Number: 9223796

MV Drotten

ex Gotland

© Micke Asklander

© Micke Asklander (Nynashamn, 25/05/2020)

Steel ‘SF 1500 Class’ twin screw motor vessel built in 2003 by Guangzhou Shipyard International Co. Ltd, Guangzhou, China (Yard No 9130005) as a Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship for Rederi AB Gotland (Destination Gotland).

Technical Data

  • Length: 195.80 m (overall) 176 m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 25.64 m
  • Depth: 9.3 m
  • Draught: 6.413 m
  • Tonnage: 29746 gross/9505 net/4730t deadweight
  • Engines:¬†4 x W√§rtsil√§ 12V46C diesels
  • Power: 50400 kW/HP
  • Speed: 28.5 knots (max)
  • Capacity: 1500 passengers/500 cars/1600 lane meters
  • Call Sign:¬†SGPI
  • MMSI Number:¬†265871000
  • IMO Number: 9223796
  • DNV GL id Number: 34861
  • Port of Registry: Visby/Sweden ūüáłūüá™
  • Sister Ship: Visby (9130004)

Current AIS Location

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July 3rd 2001: Keel struck.

December 31st 2001: Launched.

October 8th 2003: Christened by Ann-Marie Åström (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rederi AB Gotland).

October 8th 2003: Delivered to Rederi Ab Gotland, Visby.

October 9th 2003: Left the shipyard and sailed for Europe.

October 23rd 2003: Arrived Cape Town, South Africa for bunkering.

November 1st 2003: Arrived Las Palmas for bunkering.

November 7th 2003: Maiden arrival in Visby.

December 1st 2003: Destination Gotland services between Visby – Nynashamn/Oskarshamn.

February 9th 2004 – February 19th 2004: To Landskrona shipyard for strengthening of the ship’s rudders

© Andreas Wörteler  © Andreas Wörteler

© Andreas Wörteler (Nynashamn, 20/07/2004)

August 3rd 2004: Between Visby – Nynashamn suffered a fault in the cooling system forcing her engines to be shut down for about 3 hours. Upon return to Visby, approximately 1,000 litres of oil-mixed water was accidentally pumped out into the harbour. She was unable to proceed until emergency services carried out decontamination procedures.

October 4th 2004 – October 16th 2004: Warranty inspection at Fredericia Shipyard.

November 24th 2004: A memorial service was held on board to commemorate¬† the sinking of the SS HANSA ( ‚ÄúA Swedish passenger ship, built in Stockholm in 1899 for √Öngfartygs AB Gotland, used on the route between the Swedish mainland and Visby. She was torpedoed and sunk by a Soviet submarine in 1944 during World War II.‚ÄĚ) 60 years earlier.¬†

Source: Sjöhistoriska museet Fo92952

January 9th 2005: In bad weather, damaged her port side in Visby.  

January 10th 2005 – January 17th 2005: To Fredericia shipyard, Denmark for repairs.

January 18th 2005: Returned to service.

February 4th 2005: On arrival at Nynashamn, suffered a technical fault where one of the main engines could not be shut down. At full speed anchors were dropped and she was able to stop. Docked in Nynashamn and taken out of service for inspection.

February 8th 2005: Returned to service.

March 13th 2005: While en-route to Visby, suffered a fractured diesel fuel pipe which sprayed over her engine. Sustained smoke damage.

© Micke Asklander  © Micke Asklander

© Micke Asklander (Visby, 05/09/2005)

November 8th 2006 – December 12th 2006: Refit in Landskrona.

December 13th 2006: Returned to service.

© Mikkel  © Mikkel

© Mikkel

© Mikkel (Gotland, 15/06/2008)

© Mikkel

© Mikkel (Gotland, 15/06/2008)

October 6th 2008: Cityvarvet, Gothenburg for refit.

October 16th 2008: Returned to service.

March 24th 2009: Problems with her bow doors and taken out of service.

March 25th 2009: To √Ėresund shipyard, Landskrona for repairs.

March 31st 2009: Returned to service.

July 23rd 2009: Shortly after departure from Nynashamn, collided with the fast ferry GOTLANDIA II. Returned to port for inspection.

© Eerik Laine

Gotlandia II © Eerik Laine

July 24th 2009: Returned to service.

August 2009: Registered to Gotland Ab, Visby.

January 2nd 2014: En-route to Oskarshamn, ran aground. She was able to free herself and continued to port. Taken out of service for inspection.

January 5th 2013: Left Oskarshamn for Gothenburg.

January 7th 2013: Arrived at Cityvarvet, Gothenburg for repair.

January 2013: Returned to service.

© Carsten Dettmer  © Carsten Dettmer

© Carsten Dettmer (Nynäshamn, 26/07/2017)

March 24th 2018: Suffered engine failure on approach to Visby. After drifting as a “dead ship” the fault was rectified and she was able to continue.

November 18th 2019: Taken out of service and laid up in Visby.

January 5th 2020 – February 8th 2020: Services between Visby – Oskarshamn.

February 8th 2020: Laid up in Visby.

February 14th 2020: Bridge Deck “GOTLAND” name plates removed.

February 18th 2020: Renamed DROTTEN .

May 24th 2020 – May 29th 2020: Services between Visby – Nynashamn.

© Micke Asklander  © Micke Asklander

© Micke Asklander

© Micke Asklander (Stockholm, 12/06/2020)

June 12th 2020: Arrived at Värtahamnen, Stockholm for lay up.

© Micke Asklander

© Micke Asklander (Laid up Stockholm, 17/07/2020)

July 27th 2020: Left Stockholm for Visby.

July 29th 2020 РJuly 31st 2020: Services between Visby РNynäshamn / Oskarshamn.

August 12th 2020 РSeptember 20th 2020: Services between Visby РNynäshamn / Oskarshamn.

September 22nd 2020: Left for Frihamnen, Stockholm and lay up.

December 17th 2020: Left Stockholm for Visby.

December 2020: Services between Visby – Oskarshamn.

January 8th 2021: In an interview with a local radio station in Gotland, Sweden, H√•kan Johansson, the CEO of Gotlandsbolaget announced that the DROTTEN would be joining her sister vessel VISBY on DFDS’s new Dunkerque to Rosslare ferry service. It is expected that she will replace the OPTIMA SEAWAYS.

Friday 8 January 2021 at 12.05

It is now clear that M / S Drotten is chartered out to the same company that also rents M / S Visby.

Both ships will operate a direct route from northern France to Ireland.

“Destination Gotland has also gained the trust of this ship to man the operating crew, and that means that 22 people work on board from us,” says H√•kan Johansson, CEO of Gotlandsbolaget

Source: Sverigersradio

January 22nd 2021: Departed Visby, Sweden, bound for Dunkerque in France.

January 25th 2021: Arrived in Dunkerque (East).

© Julien Carpentier (Dunkerque, 25/01/2021)

January 27th 2021: Left Dunkerque for Rosslare.

January 29th 2021: Arrived Rosslare and continued service between Rosslare – Dunkerque.

© Brian Boyce  (Rosslare, 29/01/2021)

March 23rd 2021: Arrived Dunkerque and came off service.

March 24th 2021: Left Dunkerque for Visby.

March 26th 2021: Arrived Visby.

March 30th 2021 ‚Äď April 7th 2021: Services Visby – Oskarshamn.

April 7th 2021: Left Visby for refit in Landskrona.

April 21st 2021: Left Landskrona for Visby.

April 25th 2021 ‚Äď August 22nd 2021: Destination Gotland services.

August 23rd 2021: Arrived in Norvik for modifications before new services.

August 27th 2021: Left Nynäshamn for Visby.

August 29th 2021: Left Visby for Nynäshamn.

August 30th 2021: Took up Hansa Destination services between Nynäshamn РRostock. (Occasional trips via Visby). 

© Micke Asklander © Micke Asklander

© Micke Asklander (Nynäshamn, 30/08/2021)

© Marcus S

© Marcus S (Rostock, 20/08/2022)

November 10th 2022: Left Rostock for Landskrona.

December 2nd 2022: Left Landskrona for Rostock.

January 4th 2023: Final service for Hansa Destination. Services deemed unprofitable so suspended.

January 6th 2023: Arrived at Värtahamnen, Stockholm for lay-up.

March 30th 2023: Sailed from Stockholm to Visby.

April 6th 2023: Services Visby РOskarshamn/Nynäshamn.

August 11th 2023: Taken out of service owing to gearbox issues.

August 13th 2023: Sailed to Odense for repairs.

August 16th 2023: Docked at Fayard, (Lindo) Odense

August 18th 2023: Left dock. 

August 28th 2023: Docked.

September 1st 2023: Left dock.

September 2nd 2023: Sailed from Lindo (Odense) to Landskrona for maintenance.

October 10th 2023: Trials.

October 23rd 2023: Left Lanskrona.

October 24th 2023: Arrived Visby.

October 24th 2023: Resumed service Visby РOskarshamn/Nynäshamn .

November 26th 2023:  Arrived in Stockholm for lay up.

© Shipfriend

ūüÜē ¬© Shipfriend (Vartahamnen, 18/02/2024)

March 23rd 2024: Left Stockholm for Visby.

March 23rd 2024: Arrived Visby.

March 26th 2023: Destination Gotland services Visby РOskarshamn/Nynäshamn.

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Sincere thanks go to Micke Asklander (Faktaomfartyg)

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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