Regie voor Maritiem Transport (RMT)

Regie voor Maritiem Transport (RMT) was a Belgian state-owned ferry service which operated ferries on the Ostend-Dover route. Services were inaugurated between Ostend and Dover on 4 March 1846.

With the advent of the Car Ferry era services were operated in association with Sealink (until 1985), Townsend Thoresen (until 1987) and P&O European Ferries (until 1994).

In January 1994 the Ostend service was transferred from Dover to Ramsgate in association with Sally Line. On the 20th September 1996 it was announced that RMT would be broken up. A new private company was formed which was owned two thirds by Holyman and one third by Silja Line (Sally Line). Trading as Holyman Sally Ferries highspeed services commenced on the 1st March 1997.

Following substantial losses Hoverspeed acquired a 50% stake in Holyman Sally Ferries and transferred the service back to it’s historical home of Dover. The Ostend service finally came to a close in 2003.

A new ferry service from Ramsgate to Ostend commenced operations in November 1998, operated by Trans Europa Ferries. This service closed in 2013 after the financial collapse of Trans Europa Ferries.

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