Holyman Ltd

Holyman Ltd was an Australian company that operated cargo ships and fast ferries in Australia and other countries worldwide. The company was born from the Shipping and Development Division of global transport group, TNT, and was floated on the Australian Stock Exchange as an independent entity in 1994. Assets included in the original stock market floatation included a 50% stake in Condor Ferries.

In 1997 the company entered into a joint venture with Sally Line to operate fast ferry services between Ostend, Dunkerque and Ramsgate as Holyman Sally Ferries, replacing the previous services of Regie voor Maritiem Transport (RMT) and those of Sally Line

Following huge financial losses in 1998 the company was on the brink of financial collapse, it’s 50% stake in Condor Ferries was sold to Commodore Shipping and the companies two thirds stake in Holyman Sally Line was acquired by Hoverspeed with the Ostend service transferred to Dover.

By late 1999, Holyman was just a shell with most of its assets sold to stave off bankruptcy. In 2000 what was left of Holyman Ltd was acquired by the Lang Corporation.

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