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MV Pont-Aven

© Brittany Ferries

© Brittany Ferries

Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 2004 by Jos L Meyer Werft, Papenburg. Germany (Yard No 650) as a car ferry for Brittany Ferries

Technical Data

  • Length: 184.6m (overall) 170.8m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 30.9m
  • Depth: 21.15m
  • Draught: 6.8m
  • Tonnage: 40,859 gross/4803t deadweight
  • Engines: (4) 4T – cylinder MaK/Caterpillar 6M43 diesels
  • Power: 43200kW/58696HP
  • Speed: 26.0 knots
  • Capacity: 2,400 passengers, 650 cars, 85 freight vehicles
  • Call Sign: FNPN
  • IMO Number: 9268708
  • MMSI Number: 228183600
  • Register Number: 03065J
  • Port of Registry: Morlaix/France

Current Location

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June 5th 2002: Ordered.

April 9th 2003: Keel laid.

September 13th 2003: Launched.

February 7th 2004: Left Papenburg for Eemshaven.

February 10th 2004 – February 6th 2004: Trials.

February 27th 2004: Delivered to Brittany Ferries, Morlaix, France (Owner: Sabemen).

© Andreas Wörteler  © Andreas Wörteler

© Andreas Wörteler

© Andreas Wörteler

March 1st 2004: Arrived Roscoff.

March 24th 2004: Inaugural service between Plymouth – Santander/ Roscoff – Cork/Plymouth.

April 26th 2004: Christened.

August 10th 2004: Flooding of an auxiliary engine room caused by a faulty sea valve leaving the ferry unable to move from the Plymouth terminal for two days.

August 12th 2004: Sailed to Brest for repairs.

August 17th 2004: Returned to service.

May 22nd 2006: Sustained damage en route to Santander from Plymouth. Several forward windows were smashed by a 19-metre wave which resulted in a number of cabins flooding. She was forced to divert to Roscoff where passengers disembarked.

May 26th  May: Returned to service, while refurbishment was carried out on board throughout the voyage. The windows were covered by metal. These windows were later replaced with smaller, round porthole windows in late 2007 – early 2008.

December 24th 2006 – December 27th 2006: Christmas cruise Portsmouth – Rouen.

© Rob De Visser  © Rob De Visser

© Rob De Visser (Rotterdam, December 2006)

December 29th 2006 – January 1st 2007: Chartered to Cruise World Ltd for one trip Portsmouth – Rotterdam.

March 18th 2009: Commenced services between Portsmouth – Santander.

© Gerolf Drebes

© Gerolf Drebes

June 2009: Registered to Somabret La Copropriete du Navire Pont Aven, Brest, France.

December 24th 2012 December 27th 2012: Chartered to Cruise World Ltd, for one trip Portsmouth – Rouen.

December 29th 2012 – January 1st 2013: Chartered to Cruise World Ltd, for one trip Portsmouth – Rouen.

December 24th 2013 – December 27th 2013: Chartered to Cruise World Ltd, for one trip Portsmouth – Antwerp.

December 29th 2013 – January 1st 2014: Chartered to Cruise World Ltd, for one trip Portsmouth – Rouen.

© Gena Anfimov

© Gena Anfimov (February 2014, Gdansk)

© Ferry Man  © Ferry Man

© Ferry Man

2015: Services between Plymouth – Santander/ Roscoff – Cork/Plymouth.

© Nicolas Levy  © Nicolas Levy

© Nicolas Levy  © Nicolas Levy

© Nicolas Levy

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

© Ray Goodfellow  © Ray Goodfellow

Departing Portsmouth for Santander 14/07/15 © Ray Goodfellow

October 31st 2015: Last sailing between Cork and Roscoff for this season. Sailings expected to resume on the 02/04/16.

December 11th 2015: It was announced that due to potential industrial action the Christmas cruise to Antwerp departing the 24th December 2015 and the New Year cruise to Rouen departing on the 29th December would be cancelled.

January 4th 2016: Departed Portsmouth for Cherbourg to de-store and then proceeded to Gdansk for and extended refit.

tonyweaver008  tonyweaver009

Departing Portsmouth 04/01/16 © Tony Weaver (Brittany Ferries Ships)

January 9th 2016: Arrived in Gdansk, Poland for an extended refit which includes the provision of exhaust gas scrubbers and a remodelled funnel casing. Expected to re-enter service on the 27/03/16.

© Jakub Bogucki  © Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki (all)

© Jakub Bogucki   © Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki   © Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki   © Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki  © Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki  © Jakub Bogucki

© Jakub Bogucki (all)

March 31st 2016: Refit complete, arrived back in Roscoff,

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