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MV Stockholm (MV Athena…..Astoria) – Past and Present

MV Astoria

ex Azores, Athena, Caribe, Valtur Prima, Italia Prima, Italia I, Fridtjof Nansen, Volker, VolkerFreundSchaft, Stockholm

 Roy Thornton Collection

Roy Thornton Collection

Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1948 by Ab Gotaverken, Gothenburg (Yard No. 611) for Swedish – America Line, Gothenburg

Technical Data

  • Original Cost: $150 million
  • Length: 160.08m (525 ft)(1948 – ), 144.78m
  • Breadth of hull: 21.04m (68.9 ft)(1948 -)
  • Draught: 7.90m (24 ft)(1948 – )
  • Tonnage: 11,700 (1948), 12,165 gross (1953),12,442 (1960), 12.068 (1972),12,644 (1992), 15,614, 16,144, 6,040 net (1948), 6,450 (1992), 4,700 deadweight (1948), 4,800 (1992)
  • Engines: Two 8-cylinder GV diesels (1948), Two Wärtsilä 16V32 diesels.
  • Power/Propellers: 12000hk/2 (1948), 10664kW (1992)
  • Speed: 17.0 knots (1948), 19.0 knots (1992)
  • Capacity: 113 1st – 282 tourist class passengers (1948), 86 1st – 584 tourist class (1953), 568 (one class)(1960), 670 (1992), 556
  • Crew: 220 (1948), 280 (2006)
  • Navigation Officers: European (2006)
  • Passenger Decks: 7 (2006)
  • Call Sign: SEJT(1948), DAYP(1960), ICZU (2002), CQRV (2006 – )
  • IMO Number: 5383304
  • MMSI Number: 255801380
  • Registry: Gothenburg/Sweden (1948), Rostock (1960), Panama (1985),Portugal, Italy (2000), Madeira/Portugal (2006 – )

Current Location

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September 9th 1946: Launched; first transatlantic liner to be launched after the war and the largest passenger ship ever built in Sweden.

October 1947: Sea trials.

February 7th 1948: Delivered to Ab Svenska Amerika Linjen, Göteborg.

February 21st 1948: Maiden voyage Gothenburg – New York.

1953 – February 12th 1954: Major refit at AG Weser, Bremen. Accommodation restyled.

1955: First-Class accommodation reduced.

February 1956: Rumoured to be transferring to newly-formed Denmark-America Line for Copenhagen – New York service; never materialised.

July 25th 1956: Rammed and sank ANDREA DORIA position 40 30 n and 69 53 W off Nantucket; 52 casualties.

1956: Repaired at Bethlehem Steel, New York.

December 8th 1956: Returned to service.

May 15th 1959: Sold to Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, Rostock, East Germany (Registered to VEB Deutsche Seereederei, Rostock) for delivery in 1960.

January 3rd 1960: Taken over by the new owner and renamed VÖLKERFREUNDSCHAFT and commenced year-round cruising from Rostock. Became the world’s first trade-union holiday ship.

© Malcolm Cranfield

© Malcolm Cranfield

© Brian Fisher  © Robert J Smith

©  Brian Fisher (Lisbon, April 1977)(left) © Robert J Smith (Leningrad, 1971)(right)

August 1960: Grounded at Sandhamn.

© Bob Scott

© Bob Scott (Rotterdam, 1969)

1974: Registered to VEB Deutfracht/Seereederei, Rostock, East Germany.

©  Brian Fisher

April 1985: Sold to Neptunus Rex Enterprises, Panama. Renamed VOLKER and laid up in Oslofjord.

December 11th 1985: Under tow, arrived at Southampton for further lay up.

©  Brian Fisher

© Brian Fisher (Southampton)

December 20th 1986: Renamed FRIDTJOF NANSEN and towed to Oslo by BAMSE.

© A Scrimali

© A Scrimali

December 25th 1986: Arrived in Oslo where she became floating accommodation for refugees.

May 1989: Sold to Star Lauro Societa per Azoni, Naples, Italy.

May 6th 1989: Towed to Genoa for refit.

May 27th 1989: Arrived in Genoa and laid up.

1989: Intention to rename her SURRIENTO according to other sources POSITANO.

1992: Major rebuild commenced at Varco Chiapella yard Genoa, Italy.

© Frank Heine  © Frank Heine

© Frank Heine (Genoa, 26/07/1992)

1993: Renamed ITALIA I.

October 1994: Renamed ITALIA PRIMA.

October 1994: Registered to Nina Cia. di Navigazione, Naples, Italy.

October 31st 1994: Maiden cruise in the Mediterranean.

December 22nd 1995: Chartered for five years to Neckermann Seereisen.

December 1995: Maiden cruise in the Caribbean.

© Frank Heine

© Frank Heine (Malaga, 06/08/1997)

January 6th 1998: Neckermann Seereisen collapsed and she was laid up in Genoa.

1998: Chartered for five months as an exhibition ship in Lisbon.

September 1998: Chartered to Air Maritim Seereisen (Valtur Tourist) and renamed VALTUR PRIMA and began cruising in the Caribbean.

2001: Laid up in Havana, Cuba.

December 2002: Sold to Festival Cruises and renamed CARIBE, but planned cruising between Havana – Mexico – Cayman Island never materialised and she was laid up in Havana.

© Benoit Donne

© Benoit Donne

October 2004: Laid up in Lisbon, Portugal.

2004: Sold to Nina SpA, Lisbon, Portugal.

January 7th 2005: Renamed ATHENA. 2005: Began cruising for Classic International Cruise.


© Aleksi Lindström (both)

© Jens Boldt  © Jens Boldt

© Jens Boldt (both)

May 2009: Chartered to Phoenix Reisen.

© Ken Lubi   © Ken Lubi

© Ken Lubi (both)

2010: Registered Owner; First Quality Cruise. Inc (since 2008). Registered Manager; World Cruises Agency (since 2008)

© Jens Boldt  © Jens Boldt

© Jens Boldt (both)

© John Mavin

© John Mavin (Dover, 03/09/2010)

September 2013: Sold to Island Cruises Transportes, Lisbon, Portugal and renamed AZORES. Chartered to Classic International

© Gary Davies (Maritime Photographic)  © Gary Davies (Maritime Photographic)

© Gary Davies (Maritime Photographic)

© Mike Jackson  © Mike Jackson

© Mike Jackson  © Mike Jackson

© Mike Jackson  © Mike Jackson

© Mike Jackson  © Mike Jackson

© Mike Jackson  © Mike Jackson

© Mike Jackson  bar001

© Mike Jackson (all)

June 27th 2014: It was announced that for 2015 she would be chartered to Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) to replace the MV Discovery.

“British based Cruise Operator, Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV), is pleased to announce the introduction of the 550 passenger classic cruise ship Azores to their fleet in 2015.

Azores will replace Discovery as CMV’s second ex-UK cruise vessel operating alongside Marco Polo and will also be dedicated to the British and English speaking markets and positioned as an adult only product (16 years plus). Azores will operate year round sailings commencing operations from Bristol Avonmouth on 26th January 2015 with a 30 night CMV maiden voyage to the West Indies.

Azores will also be sailing from Hull and London Tilbury with programme highlights including; the Solar Eclipse & Northern Lights, Seville Fiesta, Summertime Gardens & Medieval Cities and a Scottish themed Edinburgh Festival cruise, plus all the perennial favourites.

The Azores has been chartered from Lisbon based, Portuscale Cruises on a long term basis. All crewing and ship management services will be handled directly by CMV in line with the services provided by Marco Polo and Astor.”

2015: Entered long-term service with Cruise & Maritime Voyages, with her first voyage from Avonmouth Docks to the Caribbean in January 2015.

© Erwin Willemse  © Erwin Willemse

© Erwin Willemse

© Erwin Willemse

March 1st 2016: Renamed ASTORIA

© Steven Brown

© Steven Brown

May 2016 – March 2017: Chartered to Rivages du Monde.

March 2017: Commenced cruising with Cruise and Maritime Voyages.

© Frank Heine

© Frank Heine (Kiel Canal, 02/06/2017)

March 14th 2020: Owing to Coronavirus Pandemic sailed from Poole to Tilbury.

March 15th 2020: Arrived Tilbury and laid up.

July 20th 2020: Announcement made that C & MV Cruises has been placed into administration. Continued lay up at Tilbury.

October 21st 2020: Due to depart Tilbury, under tow from tug MONTE DA LUZ, bound for Lisbon

We would like to thank: Jens Boldt, Steven Brown, Malcolm Cranfield, Gary Davies (Maritime Photographic), Benoit Donne, Brian Fisher, Frank Heine, Mike Jackson, Aleksi Lindström,Ken Lubi, John Mavin, Bob Scott, Robert J Smith and Erwin Willemse for their assistance in producing this feature. All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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  1. My wife and self started cruising on the Italia Prima cruising twice Mediterranean/ then Carribean.
    Had just been refurbished and very nice decor with typical Italian flair. We are still cruising thanks to Italia Prima.

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