Ship Tracking

The Automated Identification System (AIS) enables the tracking of ships movements. This system is very similar to that of an aircraft transponder broadcasting the ship’s identity (name, flag etc), it’s position, it’s course, it’s speed and it’s destination. These messages can be picked up by shore radio stations and as these messages are broadcast at regular intervals it enables a ship’s position to be plotted on a map.

Thanks to the people at we are now able to offer an overview from the Port of Dover showing the daily ferry movements and the numerous commercial shipping movements through the Dover Straits.

Dover Straits Overview

Please note that a vessels AIS positional data may be up to an hour old and that a vessels position will only be displayed on the map if it is within receiving range of the MarineTraffic system. The ship position data featured within this website is intended for informational purposes only and is no way related to the safety of navigation at sea. The AIS ship position data featured within this website is provided by www.marinetraffic.comwe therefore accept no responsibility for its content nor its accuracy.
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