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Sunny Dover – 8th July 2013

© Ray Goodfellow 2013


I have been using a DSLR camera for 7 months now and when purchased I went for a twin lens kit consisting of an 18-55mm and a 70-300mm lens but during use I found that I was lacking between the 55-70mm range. With this in mind I have been keeping an eye out for an additional lens to cover this range.

Thankfully I managed to get hold of a cheap Canon EFS 55-250mm IS II lens online and today with this fantastic weather I decided to take a stroll up the White Cliffs over lunch time to not only test the new lens but to also top up my tan 🙂

The port appeared to be very busy today with a lot of freight about and there was also a lot of activity in the vicinity of berth 6 where a crane is being assembled ready to lift the gantry and skywalk of the new berth into position.

All in all I am happy with the results from the new lens, I think it will be even better when my new lens hood arrives as I did struggle with the strong sunlight today.

All photographs were taken with a Canon EOS 550D.

All Photographs on this page are the © Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos) 2013, All rights reserved.

I would like to remind you that the photos on this page may not be used without prior permission. If you require high resolution non watermarked copies of any my photos for your own private collection or for publication please free to get in contact via email to discuss your requirements.


  1. Hello Ray, seen the photo’s you take at Dover it’s for me now nearly two years ago when I was there crossing the channel from Dunkirk to Dover with the DFDS.
    Glad to see how Dover is nowadays and perhaps we will made a personal trip to Dover from Dunkirk this year.

    I have seen the panoramic picture that you made, did you use therefore a special wide angle lens?

    When I made a panoramic picture I’ll try to keep my camera steady but also at one height and made three or four photo’s from left to right and put them together here
    At home with ICE from Microsoft and after that photoshop because I’ll made all my photo’s in ARW format and never in Jpg because I have the possibility to
    Correct the colors and whatsoever, ok it takes more memory on the card but I have several high-speed cards.

    Perhaps I have missed something but I have seen the Delft Seaways and also the Dieppe Seaways is this one also travel between Dunkirk-Dover now?
    In my time we had Delft-Dover and Dunkerque seaways, which one is gone?

    But after all you had very nice and good weather in Dover a guarantee for best photo’s !!

    With kind regards, Henk

  2. Hi Henk,

    Good to hear from you. It certainly was a lovely day to just enjoy the sunshine and take a few photographs of the comings and goings at the port.

    The panoramic image was taken as a series of photographs which were then `stitched’ together in Photoshop Elements using the `photomerge panorama’ option. I have to be honest and say that I don’t use RAW, I always go for high quality JPEG files, this is mainly due to the size of RAW files and the amount of processing which is required to get them on the website. If I were producing professional images I would no doubt have to learn all about RAW hehe.

    The Dieppe Seaways is the ex Seafrance Moliere which was chartered to DFDS Seaways for use on the Dover-Calais service running alongside the Calais Seaways (ex Norman Spirit).

    The Delft, Dunkerque and Dover Seaways still all operate on the Dunkerque route.

    I hope your well and who knows one day I may see you in Dover 🙂

    Best Wishes


    1. Hi Ray thanks for your reply, ha ha yes I know the RAW format is very “big” in mb’s and I have the time to “play” with those, ha ha in photoshop cs6 the latest version I’ll think, but you are right that you make the pictures in high quality jpg, it’s quicker to made them ready for the internet.
      By the way I have a Sony a350 dslr camera a gift from my wife, I’ll think she loves me still after 37 years, ha ha

      Ah yes of course Seafrance is broke and DFDS jumped into that “gap” I will do also when I had a ferry company, ha ha oops I don’t have one.

      Yes we hope to made the trip later this year and sniffing around in Dover and go back, just for fun and of course I will show my wife and son the ship of DFDS
      And also a scoop at the drivers lounge, but I’ll need good weather ! Ha ha

      Great pics Ray, hope to see more and by the way did you have seen the link at the “on the road-page” on my website? Did you like it or do you have some suggestions?

      Regards, Henk.

  3. Hi Henk,

    I hear the Sony DSLR cameras are very good 🙂 I have only just recently gone over to using a DSLR when I received my Canon EOS D550 at Christmas, previously I had been using a series of `bridge’ cameras, the last one being a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ100.

    I still have the camera and carry it with me as a backup as there are times and situations that using a DSLR are difficult, especially if you need to change lenses.

    I am currently playing with Photoshop CS5 but do have to admit that there is a lot to learn, Photoshop Elements is a lot easier to use 🙂

    Thank you very much for the link on your website, I like the DFDS graphic, it works well. I have added a link to your site as well. I was also interested to see your genealogy on the website as well. My sister has recently started to trace our family history and it’s very interesting.

    I will be heading out again on Thursday if the weather is still nice to take a few more photos and failing that I am heading to Portsmouth and then Caen next Tuesday with Brittany Ferries so will be taking plenty of photos then 🙂

    All the best


    1. Well Ray CS6 the latest version has some more futures and I’m still learning, my son is more a “pro” in it so if don’t know I will ask him or otherwise just try it out.
      Same way is Dreamweaver also the latest version since a week and also more and faster futures, he he still learning!!

      Ray telling your sister that Genealogical research is a tremendous work and it could be become an addiction, ha ha
      I have done it for more than 12 years or even longer, so now and then I will do something for others, except when the name is “Jansen” ha ha ha that’s a common name here in the Netherlands and it seems like everyone is called Jansen, name comes from Jan and Jan called his son also Jan and became Jan Janz, in English John Johnson, I know no translation on names, ha ha
      Called the letter Z was later replaced by the S and thus has become the surname Jansen.
      Just as Jensen in Denmark the same story.
      But I wish her many pleasure hours into the achieves or on the internet.

      I’m looking forward to your journey from Portsmouth and Caen.
      Thanks that you like the link picture.

      Regards from a melting Moordrecht it is still 18 degrees here but with a smooth wind, Henk.

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