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MV EW McKinley – Cargo from the Past

IMO Number: 8217805

MV EW McKinley

Ex Alaska Rex

© Nigel Thornton

 EW McKinley – © Nigel Thornton (Dover 03/03/2006)

Steel single screw motor vessel, built in 1983 by Usuki Iron Works, Ltd. Saiki Shipyard  (Yard No. 1311), as a Refrigerated Cargo Ship.

Technical Data

  • Length: 135.01 m (overall) 126.02 m (between perpendiculars)
    Breadth: 19.60m
    Depth: 10.70 m
    Draught: 7.424 m
    Tonnage: 6911 gross/3385 net/6959t deadweight
    Engines: 4 SA 12-cylinder Pielstick (Ishikawajima – Harima Heavy Industries) diesel             
    Power: 5884 kW/8000 bHP
    Speed:  17.0 knots (service), 19.5 knots (trial)
    Capacity: REF 8,989 m3
    Call Sign: 7KDP, 3EVY6
    IMO Number: 8217805
  • Official Number: 124924
    Port of Registry: Usuki/Japan, Panama City/Panama


November 1982: Launched.

January 1983: Completed as ALASKA REX for Tanaka Sangyo K.K

1988: Renamed EW McKINLEY for Registered Owner; Eastwind Maritime S.A, Singapore. Manager; Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd.

November 15th 2000: A Russian refrigerator trawler sank after being rammed, spewing fuel into the harbour near Kotlin Island where the town of Kronshtadt is located.

The NORTLANDIA capsized after the collision with the EW McKINLEY, spilling some three tons of diesel fuel from a total of 80 tons in its tanks. The boat was also carrying 300 tons of fish.

The collision occurred around 5 a.m., about 50 meters from the NORTLANDIA’S  berth at Kronshtadt, when the 130-meter-long McKINLEY hit the 67-meter-long NORTLANDIA’S port side. The collision ripped a hole in the hull of the NORTLANDIA, which caused it to capsize and start spilling fuel, resulting in a slick.

It was unclear where the fault for the accident lay – with the navigators of the McKINLEY or the NORTLANDIA.

Damage to the McKINLEY was limited to the cargo ship’s bow, but the 11 crew members of the NORTLANDIA jumped into the icy water to escape their sinking vessel.

They were rescued by workers from the Emergency Services Ministry. Two were treated for hypothermia and other injuries. The remaining nine were pronounced healthy and sent home.

The McKINLEY had to remain in St. Petersburg until the investigation was completed.

© Jan vanden Bos

EW McKinley – © Jan van Den Bos (Hoek van Holland, 31/03/2005)

November 11th 2005: Detained  for 3 days at Las Palmas for 21 safety deficiencies.

2006: Registered Owner; Eastwind Maritime S.A, Singapore. Manager; Eastwind Ship Management Ltd, Singapore.

© Nigel Thornton © Nigel Thornton © Nigel Thornton

EW McKinley – © Nigel Thornton (Dover 03/03/2006)

February 27th 2006: Seen at Dover before proceeding to Falmouth for bunkers in the Carrick Roads and sailing later for Falmouth Bay to await orders. 

September 29th 2007: Detained in Panama owing to several safety deficiencies.


EW McKinley – © Aleksi Lindström (Piraeus anchorage, 05/06/2008)

May 18th 2009: Arrived in Aliaga, Turkey and scrapped by Yazici Gemi Sokum Ltd.

All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for any errors or omissions. All items included in this article are subject to © copyright. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking: Jan van Den Bos and Aleksi Lindström for their assistance in producing this feature.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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