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Rederi AB Gotland (Destination Gotland)


Rederi AB Gotland is a public listed company trading as Gotlandsbolaget (Gotland Company), the group consists of three business sectors: shipping, hotels/tour operator activities and management of own properties. Rederi AB Gotland subsidiary Destination Gotland carries traffic between the Swedish island of Gotland and the Swedish mainland after being awarded a public concession by the Swedish government.

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MV Normandy – Past and Present

MV ARV2, ex Normandy, Stena Normandy, St Nicholas, Prinsessan Birgitta, GV 909 – Steel twin screw motor vessel, built in 1981 by Götaverken Arendal Ab Göteborg  (Yard No. 909), for Ab Göteborg – Frederikshavns Linjen, Göteborg as a passenger and vehicle ferry.