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Photo Bit’s & Bob’s March 2013

I am sure all photographers will tell you that there are memory cards that seemly grow legs and disappear when it comes to downloading them. They go into hiding and only reappear when your looking for something else having spent what feels like hours looking for them.

Well I recently came across one such memory card featuring a few unpublished photographs, as it wasn’t enough for a full posting I have decided to post them along with a few taken on the 26/03/13 when we undertook a return trip to Calais.

I did plan on taking a few more photos but the weather was way to cold, apparently -15 degrees with the wind chill. I know us photographers are supposed to be a hardy bunch there was a warm lounge and hot food inside the ferry and on this occasion that won me over I am afraid.

All photographs were taken with a Canon EOS 550D using a Canon 70-300mm lens and a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ100.

All Photographs on this page are the © Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos) 2013, All rights reserved.

I would like to remind you that the photos on this page may not be used without prior permission. If you require high resolution non water marked copies of any my photos for your own private collection or for publication please free to get in contact via email to discuss your requirements.

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