Mv Atlantic Reefer – Past and Present

Mv Atlantic Reefer

© Daniel Ferro

© Daniel Ferro

Steel single screw motor vessel, built in 1998 by Shin Kochi, Japan (Yard No. 7106) as a refrigerated cargo ship.

Technical Data

  • Length: 144.97m – 175.72m (overall), 136m – 166.75m (between perpendiculars)
    Breadth of hull: 22.6m
    Depth: 13.3m
    Draught: 9.72m
    Tonnage: 10,991 – 14,505 gross/6,957 – 7,580 net/12625t – 17100t deadweight
    Engines: 1 2T 8-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel,
    Power: 11003kW/14950HP
    Speed: 21.2 knots
    Capacity: 72 TEU + 15 FEU or 51 FEU/24084 m³ (61 reefer plugs)
    Call Sign: 3FVY8, PJCL, D5FE2
    IMO Number: 9179256
    Registry: Curacao, Panama, Curacao, Monrovia/Liberia.
    Sister Ship: Pacific Reefer


October 28th 1998: Completed.

1998: Registered Manager; Fukujin Kisen K. K.

© Gerolf Drebes  © Gerolf Drebes

© Gerolf Drebes

2001: Registered Owner; Basarabi Shipping. Registered Manager; Basarabi Shipping.

2003: Registered Owner; Wealth Line Inc

2007: Registered Owner; Atlantic Reefer Shipping. Registered Manager; Seatrade Groningen BV

© Jens Boldt  © Jens Boldt

© Jens Boldt

© Ed Connell  © Ed Connell

© Ed Connell

© Ed Connell

August 30th 2011: “A contract for lengthening the Atlantic Reefer and Pacific Reefer was signed with Cosco Shanghai Shipyard. The lengthening involved the cutting of the vessel just aft of cargo hold number 2 and inserting a 30-meter section with two bays of containers, carried in an open top cargo hold. As part of this project, a new container crane and generator set were installed, the bridge height was increased and the arrangement of the current deck containers was modified to increase the container intake of the vessel. ….”
“The Pacific Reefer entered the dry dock on 13 December for the most delicate part of the operation. The final cutting commenced on 16 December around 20:00 and around 04:00 the following morning.
Less than two weeks after arrival of the Pacific Reefer, the Atlantic Reefer moored alongside the shipyard quay, hot on the heels of her younger sister. While the Pacific was in dry dock for the cutting operation, the entire process of preparations, removals and tank cleaning started once more.
The Pacific Reefer was welded back into one, much longer vessel, and after the installation of deck reinforcements and a full underwater coating she left the dry dock on 3 January. The same day, the Atlantic Reefer entered the dry dock to undergo the same process as her sister vessel. The whole process of cutting, moving, lifting and re-installation was repeated.
On 18 January, she too, was ready to leave the dock and completed the most spectacular part of this lengthening project. all efforts were focused on completing the Pacific Reefer for her sea trials on 4 February 2012. When these were successfully completed, the vessel was ready for her first load of cargo. She left Shanghai on the 9 February, carrying 226 brand new reefer containers, destined for Valparaiso, Chile.
Upon completion of the first vessel, the yard had once again shifted its attention to completing the Atlantic Reefer, which, after the same routine of outfitting, tests and trials was finally ready to load cargo on 26 February and departed for Tauranga, New Zealand the next day.”


© Aleksi Lindström

© Willem Oldenburg  © Willem Oldenburg

© Willem Oldenburg

September 3rd 2017: Due at Dover.


We would like to thank: Jens Boldt, Ed Connell, Gerolf Drebes, Daniel Ferro, Aleksi Lindström and Willem Oldenburg for their assistance in producing this feature. All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)


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