Emeraude Ferries

Emeraude Ferries was a French shipping company which was based in the Breton city of Saint-Malo. It operated vehicle and passenger ferries between Saint-Malo and the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. The company ceased trading in May 2006 following strong competition and difficulties in finding a suitable vessel.

Emeraude Ferries was founded in 1904 as Bateaux de la Côte d’Émeraude. In 1988 the company rebranded its ferry services as Emeraude Lines. In November 2003 Emeraude Lines was purchased by the Sogestran Group and rebranded as Emeraude Ferries.

The St Malo to the Channel Islands route had been a practical monopoly for vehicle traffic until competition arrived in March 2003 in the form of Condor Ferries who were granted a licence to carry both vehicles and passengers from Jersey to St Malo.

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