Speed Ferries

SpeedFerries was a low cost ferry operator which started in May 2004 and continued in business until November 2008. It operated one route between Dover in England and Boulogne in France. It had only one high-speed ferry, called SpeedOne. Its founder and CEO was Curt Stavis, originally from Denmark.

Speed Ferries Archive

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HSC Condor Rapide (Incat 045) – Past and Present

HSC Condor Rapide, ex Sea Leopard, SpeedOne, Winner, Incat 045, HMAS Jervis Bay, Incat 045 – Aluminium catamaran built in 1997 by Incat  (International Catamarans) Australia Pty. Ltd., Hobart, Australia (Yard No. 045) for International Catamarans Pty. Ltd., Hobart, Australia as a car and passenger ferry.