Requests for ships histories

History Requests


Well, the time has come when our shipping community needs a break from the current World situation.

I, along with many others, will be spending rather a lot of time indoors.

To ease the burden and to take us away from the media bombardment I am currently offering a little bit of self-indulgence!

If you have any favourite ship (preferably with a Dover connection however tenuous i.e. fleet mate/sister/company sister etc. etc) and you wish (subject to photograph availability) a history of her to be published, please add your suggestion/s and I’ll see what I can come up with?

Take Care

Nigel Thornton


  1. Good Morning Mister Tornton,
    I would be very happy in reading an article about the Twickenhnam Ferry.
    Best regards.
    Thierry Troadec

    1. Thierry,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There is already a history of this vessel @

      Follow any links – blue text – to others ships

      Stay safe and enjoy!
      Nigel Thornton

      Google translate: “Thierry

      Merci pour votre commentaire.

      Il ya déjà une histoire de ce navire –

      Suivez tous les liens – texte bleu – à d’autres navires

      Restez en sécurité et profitez-en!
      En ce qui concerne
      Nigel Thornton”

  2. HI Nigel, Out of Interest what Pilot vessels were there before the era of vessels such as Patricia- Bembridge etc?
    Thank you,
    Eric Friend

    1. Eric,

      Another good idea however, there’s a problem.

      Being at home I have to rely on information/photos within my library or on the internet.

      I already have done some research into these vessels so, I’ll see what I can come up with!

      Nigel Thrnton

  3. Thank You For The Bison How About The Corsica Marina Seconda Sister Of The St Brendan Reine Astrid Sardinin Vera

  4. Hi Nigel,
    Thanks for all the contents you share on your website : it’s always a pleasure to visit it and discover the “Past and Present” updates.
    I would love to read a page about Orient Express (ex. Bore Star). Although she never operated around Dover, she was (kind of) a Sealink ferry.
    Thank you !

      1. Hi Nigel,
        Thanks for the page about Orient Express, a very interesting and pleasant article.
        Best regards

  5. Hi Nigel,
    thank you very much for the link to the Twickenham Ferry’s story. My grant father started as chief cook on this ship with the ALA in Dunkirk about the year 1937 I guess. He told me the story of the evacuation of Brest in june 1940 and the boilers feeded with wood of the garage deck.
    In 1940 my grant father was involved in the Narvick campain on a merchant ship but I doubt that it was the HMS Twickenham. Do you have any information about the use of the HMS Twickenham as troop carrier for the Narvick campain?
    Best regards.
    Thierry Troadec

  6. Thank you Nigel for helping me to know better the story of my grant father on the Twickenham Ferry.
    In looking forward to read the results of your research.
    Best regards.
    Thierry Troadec

  7. Thank You For The Corsica Marina Seconda How About The Tidero Star And The Celtic Star Both Roll- onRoll- Off Ships Having Been charted By P&O North Sea and P&O Irish Sea

  8. I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU OUR STILL ADDING TO YOUR LIST If That Is On But Would Consider The St Colum 1 sister to the Prince Of Brittany Also The Roll-On Roll-off Ship BELARD Thank You Very much Brendan Bourke

    1. Brendan,
      Thanks for the comment and, yes, still doing requests.

      Coincidentally, I currently compiling BELARD and will add ST COLUM to the list

      Nigel T

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