© Cees De BijlMV Nordborg – Past and Present

MV Indus

Ex Strada Corsara, Tor Hafnia, Dana Hafnia, Kettegat Syd, Dana Hafnia, Nordborg, Belinda, Linné, Linnea.

© Ted Ingham

Nordborg, (Outbound, The Thames) © Ted Ingham

Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1979 by Ab Lödöse Varv, Lödöse. (Yard No 180) as a RoRo Cargo vessel.

Technical Data

  • Length: 161.37 m (overall) 152.51 m (between perpendiculars)
    Breadth: 18.04 m
    Depth: 13.37 m
    Draught: 6.716 m
    Tonnage: 5551 – 5326 – 11125 gross/2899 – 2700 net/9018 – 8538deadweight
    Engines: 2 Vee Oil SA 8-cylinder Zgoda-Sulzer 8 ZL40/48 diesels.
    Power: 7650 kW/10400 bHP
    Speed: 17.25 knots (max)
    Capacity: 12 passengers/120 trailers. B; 2825
    Call Sign: SFAB, OUVZ2, OUVZ6, V4JK2
    IMO Number: 7389194
    Official Number: 12495/D-33247
    Port of Registry: Skarhamn/Sweden, Esjberg/Denmark, Panama, Rungsted/Denmark, , Esjberg/Denmark, Cagliari/Italy, Basseterre/St Kitts Nevis
    Sister-Ship: Vallmo, Kaprifol


December 23rd 1977: Keel struck for the aft section.

April 25th 1978: Aft section launched.

April 27th 1978: Keel struck for the forward section.

September 7th 1978: Launched as LINNEA.

February 1st 1979: Delivered to AB Skärhamns Oljetransport (OT Rederiet) as LINNÉ.

February 1979: Commenced services for Roto Line between Wallhamn – Felixstove – Ghent – Oslo.

© Simonwp

© Simonwp (Immingham, 12/06/1979)

December 1979: Services for OT North Africa Line between Venice – Bari – Tripoli – Benghazi.

March 1980 – November 1980: Services for OT Africa Line between Felixstowe – Rotterdam – Zeebrugge – Le Havre – Bilbao – Dakar – Monrovia – Lagos – Warri – Tema – Abidjan.

November 28th 1980: Services for OT North Africa Line between Venice – Bari – Tripolis – Benghazi.

February 1982: The OT Group goes bankrupt and the bankruptcy trustee takes over responsibility for the vessels.

June 1982: Replaced charter vessel KAPRIFOL and she went to the Falkland Islands for a Norwegian construction company in collaboration with the British government.

November 1982: Chartered to Rederi Ab Nordö, Malmö as refit cover and sailed between Malmö – Travemünde.

February 19th 1983: Laid up in Rotterdam.

September 1983 – October 1983: Chartered to Roto line for services between Wallham – Esbjerg – Felixstowe.

October 1983: Laid up in Gothenburg.

November 19th 1983 – December 7th 1983: Chartered to Rederi Ab Nordö, Malmö for services between Malmö – Travemünde.

January 14th 1984 – May 31st 1984: Chartered to Rederi Ab Nordö, Malmö for services between Malmö – Travemünde.

© Yvon Perchoc

© Yvon Perchoc (01/01/1984)

September 1984: Chartered to DFDS A/S, Copenhagen.

August 4th 1985: Laid up in Gothenburg.

October 1985: Sold to Belinda Shipping S.A. Panama (K.I. Larsen, Copenhagen and renamed BELINDA.

1986 – 1987: Chartered to DFDS A/S Copnhagen for services between Harwich – Rotterdam.

© Simonwp  © Simonwp

© Simonwp (Rotterdam, 15/06/1986)(Left)(Felixstowe, 16/06/1986)(Right)

© Patrick Hill  © Patrick Hill

© Patrick Hill (Hull, 22/01/1987)

© Simonwp

© Simonwp (Immingham, 16/07/1987)

1987: Registered to Kaprifol Shipping S.A. Panama.

September 10th 1987 – December 31st 1987: Chartered to Stena Line Ab, for services between Gothburg – Travemünde.

February 11th 1988 – February 23rd 1988: Chartered to Tor Line.

March 1988: Ten day charter to Ugland, Norway.

March 1988: Chartered to Kent Line for services between Dartford – Zeebrugge.

© Ted Ingham

© Ted Ingham (Inbound Purfleet)

March 31st 1988 – July 14th 1988: Chartered to Lineas Suardiaz.

July 14th 1988 – July 20th 1988: Chartered to Cobelfret.

July 29th 1988 – August 21st 1988: Chartered to Olau Line for services between Sheerness – Vlissingen.

August 22nd 1988 – April 14th 1989: Chartered to Kent Line for services between Dartford – Zeebrugge.

October 1988: Sold to Dannebrog Rederi A/S, Copenhagen and renamed NORDBORG.

1989: Chartered to Cobelfret for services between Antwerp – Harwich and Zeebrugge – Purfleet.

© Cees De Bijl  © Cees De Bijl

© Cees De Bijl (Dartford, 21/08/1989)(Left)(Zeebrugge, 22/08/1989)(Right)

December 31st 1989: Registered to Vendila Rederi A/S, Rungsted, Denmark.

April 1990: Chartered to Kent Line for services between Newcastle – Zeebrugge.

May 21st 1990 – August 30th 1991: Chartered to Olau Line for services between Sheerness – Vlissingen.

© Cees De Bijl  © Cees De Bijl

© Cees De Bijl (Vlissingen, 06/07/1990)

December 1990 – January 1991: Chartered to DFDS A/S for services between Harwich – Esbjerg/ Hamburg.

July 17th 1991: Registered to Dannebrog Rederi A/S, Rungsted, Denmark.

September 30th 1991 – October 4th 1991: Chartered to Lineas Maritimas Espanolas for a single journey between Le Havre – Setubal.

October 1991 – January 25th 1992: Chartered to Sudcargo for services between Marseille – Tunis.

January 4th 1992 – January 25th 1992: Services between Marseille – Morocco.

February 12th 1992 – February 16th 1992: Chartered to Lineas Maritimas Espanolas for a single journet between Barcelona – Livorno.

February 18th 1992 – May 1992: Chartered to Karageorgis Line, Greece for services between Patras – Ancona.

May 1992 – August 1992: Chartered for a round trip Mediterranean – Cambodia – Philippines – Mediterranean.

1992 – 1993: Registered owner; Vendila Rederi A/S, Manager; Holdingaktiselskabet Dannebrog.

1993 – October 1993: Chartered to Cobelfret for services between Antwerp – Harwich.

October 6th 1994: Sold to DFDS A/S Copenhagen, Denmark.

October 19th 1994: Delivered in Zeebrugge and renamed DANA HAFNIA.

October 12th 1994 – May 29th 1995: Tor Line services between Gothnburg – Immingham – Rotterdam – Ghent.

May 29th 1995 – July 18th 1995: Services between Esbjerg – Immingham.

July 19th 1995: Chartered by the British M.O.D. for a single journey.

May 28th 1995 – October 15th 1995: Services between Cuxhaven – Immingham.

October 16th 1995 – October 31st 1995: Chartered to Cobelfret for services between Immingham – Zeebrugge.

November 2nd 1995 – December 15th 1995: Served as a military transport ship.

December 19th 1995 – April 13th 1996: Services between Esbjerg – Harwich/ Immingham.

April 13th 1996 – June 3rd 1996: Chartered to the British M.O.D.

June 1996: Short charter contract to P&O European Ferries Ltd, Felixstowe for services between Felixstowe – Zeebrugge.

© Simonwp

© Simonwp (Immingham, 17/08/1996)

© Simonwp

© Simonwp (Europoort, 11/06/1996)

June 1996 – September 6th 1998: Services between Cuxhaven – Immingham.

August 22nd 1997: For a short while operated services between Fredericia (Denmark) – Copenhagen – Klaipeda.

August 29th 1998 – December 12th 1998: Chartered to Cobelfret for services between Zeebrugge – Purfleet.

December 15th 1998: Services between Oslo – Herøya – Kristiansand – Rotterdam – Zeebrugge.

July 19th 1999 – August 9th 1999: Chartered to an unknown company for a single trip between Esbjerg – Thessaloniki – Rotterdam.

August 10th 1999 – September 12th 1999: Services between Oslo – Herøya – Kristiansand – Rotterdam – Zeebrugge.

August 27th 1999: Chartered to Århus-Kalundborg Linien A/S, Århus.

September 16th 1999: Delivered in Fredericia and renamed KATTEGAT SYD.

September 24th 1999: Services between Århus – Kalundborg.

October 29th 1999: Services cancelled as charterer went bankrupt and the vessel was laid up Aalbæk Bay.

November 3rd 1999: Laid up in Esbjerg.

November 30th 1999: Renamed DANA HAFNIA.

December 15th 1999: Services between Esbjerg – Harwich/ Immingham.

January 1st 2000 – March 4th 2000: Services between Oslo – Herøya – Kristiansand – Rotterdam – Felixstowe.

March 7th 2000 – August 10th 2000: Services between Gothenburg – Harwich.

July 31st 2000: Registered to DFDS Tor Line A/S, Gothenburg.

August 22nd 2000 – August 29th 2000: Chartered to Bornholmstraffiken for services between Ronne – Koge.

© Simonwp

© Simonwp (Kiel, 01/08/2000)

October 6th 2000 – November 20th 2000: Services between Gothenburg – Harwich.

November 23rd 2000 – December 28th 2000: Chartered to the Danish M.O.D. for a single journey between Esbjerg – Massawa – Fredericia.

December 29th 2000 – April 14th 2001: Services between Fredericia – Copenhagen – Klaipeda.

January 9th 2001: Registered to DFDS Tor Line A/S, Esbjerg, Denmark and renamed TOR HAFNIA.

March 16th 2001: Sold to Stradeblu S.rL. Cagliari, Italy.

April 23rd 2001: Left Gothenburg for Cagliari.

May 2nd 2001: Taken over by Stradeblu and renamed STRADA CORSARA.

May 26th 2001: Services between Voltri – Termini Imerese.

© Olav Kuhnke  © Olav Kuhnke

© Olav Kuhnke

April 2002: Services between Voltri – Cagliari – Termini Imerese.

2008 – 2009: Chartered to Ship Concept, Dubai for services between Middle East – India – China.

April 15th 2009: Services for Corsica & Sardinia Ferries between Livorno – Olbia.

October 2011: Laid up.

December 2011: Sold to Indian breakers and renamed INDUS.

January 20th 2012: Arrived at Alang for scrapping.

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Special thanks to Arjan Van Gelder.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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