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Cruiseship Photos

On this page, everything revolves around the theme of cruise ships. From numerous picture galleries on current information and details on various ships – to start lists of various German sea ports such as Hamburg, Kiel, Warnemünde and Bremerhaven.

Onboard P&O Ferries – The Unofficial Guide

This website is run by my good friend Paul Bilbrough. Originally launched over 10 years ago and specialising at the time in P&O Ferries Portsmouth operation, the site has since grown substantially in both size and popularity each year and currently sees visitors from all around the world.

kesby Peter Kesby Photography

Peter’s website features some absolutley stunning photography of the local area and comes highly recommended by us. In Peter’s own words – “I have been very interested in photography from an early age and I guess it has been an obsession ever since. It all started with good old film for me and the having ability to freeze and capture a moment in time. Wedding Photography was my forte which I did for some twelve years creating memories to be cherished. I was lucky to meet many people through this venture where I found many friends. I decided to move away from Wedding Photography and found my passion in photographing the local area. It has brought home to me what a beautiful place we all live in, learning to appreciate it more and more. Sunsets are fantastic but you can’t beat an early morning summer sunrise by the sea, the start of a new day as the world slowly wakes up. I am bit of a romantic at heart. It was sad to see film die out but digital has brought a whole new angle to photography with the processing as important as the shot itself. Creativity is now endless, inspiring the mind in many ways. When composing the shot, one visualizes what the final image will look like after being fully processed.”


The NI Ferry Site

This website was created as a source of news, information, and articles about the vehicle and passenger ferries operating in and from Northern Ireland.

On the Road

This is the website of Henk Bos from Moordrecht, in the Netherlands. For many years Henk was a truck driver making frequent deliveries across Europe. Just like many European truck drivers Henk was a regular user of the ferries across the Channel. On Henk’s site you will find an assortment of photographs from his travels including photos of his ferry crossings.

Cruiseschepen in Zeebrugge

Cruiseschepen in Zeebrugge

This site is run by Tibo Deprest and this is what he has to say about his site `This website gives you a look at the cruise world in Zeebrugge. On this site, you will find Pictures, Downloads, Video’s, Cruise calls, Information and so much more. Also the Ferry-world can be found on the website.’

Vessels at Holyhead

This blogger website has been created by Ronnie Roberts with the help of contributors to document the `non ferry’ comings and goings at the Port of Holyhead in Wales. The site features some excellent photography and is well worth a visit to anybody who is interested in the wider maritime scene.


The `Holy Grail’ of the Internet for ferry photos and information. Micke Asklander’s excellent Fakta om Fartyg with hundreds of pictures and an invaluable resource for finding up to date pictures and information. (Swedish language but very easy to navigate)

Maritime Photographic

Gary Davies is probably one of the best known shipping photographers in the country, his work can be found in many publications. Garys website was recently overhauled and I have to say the new design is a visual treat. Have to be honest and say his new site was one of the inspirations for us to go over to WordPress.

Irish Sea Shipping

Irish Sea Shipping is one of the longest established nautical web sites dating back to 1995 and is one of the sites that first inspired me to build my own.

Gordon Hislip Photography

With unrivalled dedication to quality and knowledge of the subject, Gordon Hislip specialises in photography which records shipping operations in the Irish Sea, with a keen focus on the ferry and ro-ro sector.


A photographic site based in Norway with a lot of high quality photographs from around the world. The whole shipping scene is covered from ferries and cruise ships to general cargo vessels.

Stefano’s Ship Photos

This is the gallery of Stefano Guarino. Most of his collection show images of ships sailing to Capri island and in the Gulf of Naples, but there are also collections of sea views and ships from other countries.

Ships in the Spotlight

This is a wonderful fotopic site run by Michel Elias from Belgium. It features some really good photography, primarily from Oostende and Zeebrugge.

Andreas Kiel

This is the website of Andreas Schröder. Featuring the shipping scene of the Kiel Canal and the Southern Baltic.

Merchant Ships

This website features the photography of Carlos Moreno Trobat Trobat who was born in Palma de Mallorca. He is currently studying at the maritime university of Barcelona. Carlos has many excellent photographs of ex Dover ferries in warmer waters.

Ferry Fantastic

This site tells the story of Cross Channel car ferries built over the four decades since the debut of the first ‘drive-through’ ships. There are some very nice photographs on this site.


This is the website of Christopher Brooks showing some excellent photography.


The site aims to give visitors all the information regarding shipping, or direct it to other sites of interest. We also want to learn more about these magnificent machines that are vessels, and men who exploit them.

Maritime Images

Website of Kevin Mitchell showing his portfolio of excellent photography. Having lived most of his life close to the sea at Poole in Dorset Kevin he has grown to appreciate the ever-changing character and moods of the sea, and the ships that sail on it.


HHV Ferry

HHV Ferry was developed and is maintained by Matt Murtland. The site consists of not only information and photographs of local ferries from the past and present but also has a regularly updated blog describing Matt’s worldwide travels in search of our old ships.


Sealink ~ Holyhead, is a site developed by two friends from opposite sides of the world; Justin Merrigan, Tasmania & Tony Jones, North Wales. The definitive guide to the ships, officers, crews and ports of the “Sealink” between Holyhead on Anglesey, Dublin Bay in Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Brittany Ferries Enthusiasts

Brittany Ferries Enthusiasts is an independent website run by enthusiasts for fellow enthusiasts and travellers enjoyment. There aim is that through this site they can create a lively community both online and off. This site also has a very popular and vibrant forum discussing not just Brittany Ferries but the wider maritime community as well.

Ferry Operators, Booking Agencies & Parking Services

P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries boasts the largest fleet of ships offering a wide range of services and facilities, the most comprehensive route network and the most frequent passenger and freight services to the Continent. Operating routes to France, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Ireland. P&O offer up to 46 departures a day between Dover and Calais with crossing times of 90 mins.

DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways are one of the newest cross-Channel operators and have invested heavily in new tonnage in the form of three stunning new vessels. These super ferries travel exclusively from Dover to Dunkerque. Additionally DFDS Seaways has joined up with LD Lines to offer a service to Calais.

Ferry Cheap

Whether you are going on a cheap booze cruise ferry trip or a discount channel crossing, has everything you need from full ferry ticket prices and online booking from all the major ferry companies to in depth destination and port guides.

Stena Line

Stena Line operates in three business areas: Scandinavia, the North Sea and the Irish Sea with a network of 18 strategically located ferry routes in Europe. Stena Line has a modern fleet with a total of 34 vessels including fast ferries (Stena HSS), traditional combi-ferries, RoPax ferries for freight and passengers, and pure cargo ships.

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries operates one of the most modern fleets on the Channel and it accounts for over 50% of the traffic on the Western Channel. They operate routes from Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth and Cork (ROI) to France and Spain.

relyon-port-car-hire (Custom)

Relyon Group

Relyon Hire and Transport has been storing cars for over 25 years in a private, secure compound with CCTV, security patrols and dogs. Our business is derived mainly from holiday-makers travelling through Dover Docks and, more recently, Eurotunnel parking (subject to an additional charge) – our site here is only minutes away from the docks and approximately 20 minutes from Eurotunnel.

Port Operators

Dover Harbour Board

Originally established in 1606, Dover Harbour Board is responsible for the administration, maintenance and improvement of the harbour at Dover. It operates right at the heart of the UK’s and Continental Europe’s cross-Channel transport network, managing and piloting what has become one of today’s busiest drive-on, drive-off terminals in the world.

Calais Port

Website of the Calais Port Authority detailing the ports activity and supplying information for visitors and passengers.

Dunkerque Port

Website of the Dunkerque Port Authority detailing the ports activities and shipping movements.

Boulogne Port

Website of the Port of Boulogne detailing the ports activity and supplying information for visitors and passengers.

Ramsgate Port

Website of the Port of Ramsgate detailing the ports activity and supplying information for visitors and passengers.

Port of Ostend

Website of the Port of Ostend detailing the ports activities and shipping movements.

Port of Zeebrugge

Website of the Port of Zeebrugge detailing the ports activities and shipping movements.

Shipping Registers


Information available on Equasis : Ship identification, Management, Classification, Safety management certificate, P&I information, list of Port State Controls, Banning orders, Association membership, Manning information. Furthermore a condensed history can be found, as well as the list of the ships under the same management.

Paris MOU on Port State Control

The Paris MOU consists of 25 participating maritime Administrations and covers the waters of the European coastal States and the North Atlantic basin from North America to Europe. The Paris MOU aims at eliminating the operation of sub-standard ships through a harmonized system of port State control.

Marine Accident Investigation Branch

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) examines and investigates all types of marine accidents to or on board UK vessels worldwide, and other vessels in UK territorial waters. As far as the MAIB is concerned, the sole objective of investigating an accident is to determine its circumstances and causes, with the aim of improving the safety of life at sea and the avoidance of accidents in the future.

Rescue Services

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

This is the homepage of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) here in the UK. The agency is responsible for overseeing the safety of all vessels visiting our ports and monitoring our coastline. The agency is also responsible for co-ordinating all Search and Rescue activities within UK waters.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. We provide a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the coasts of the UK and RoI, as well as a seasonal lifeguard service on many of the busiest beaches in England and Wales.

Dover Lifeboat

This is the website of the Dover Lifeboat Station detailing the history of the station and the boats that have served it. The site also details any `shouts’ the crew have been on.

Information Resources

Ship Technology is the only website that brings you the information you need on the latest ship projects, from cruise ships to dry cargo vessels, fast and conventional ferries and offshore support vessels, tankers and gas carriers. Covering all the latest updates on new builds, and older vessels, looks at the engineering behind each project, and the companies that have worked on them.


ShipPlotter displays complete information about ships that are within VHF range of your position using AIS signals. The program decodes the received digital data and displays it in a variety of formats. There is also the ability to share information over the internet with other users. This is commercial software and requires registration at the price of 25 Euros.

UK Met Office

Home of the weather service here in the UK, as many of us shipping related people know, always check the weather before sailing/photographing. This link takes you directly to the shipping forecast.

Ship Yards and Dry Docking Facilities

International Catamarans (Incat)

Incat are the worlds leading builder of fast ferries and have had a long connection with the Port of Dover. Previous deployments have been Hoverspeed Great Britain (025), Seacat France (023), Seacat Isle of Man (026), Seacat Scotland (028)Seacat Rapide (038), Seacat Diamant (041), Stena Lynx I (031), Stena Lynx II (033), Stena Lynx III (040), Speed One (045) and Norman Arrow (066).

STX Europe

STX Europe are one of the leading ship builders in Northern Europe and were responsible for the construction of the Seafrance Rodin and Seafrance Berlioz. They are currently building two new vessels for P&O Ferries. Once these new vessels enter service they will be the largest ships operating from the Port of Dover.

Meyer Werft

Located in Papenburg on the River Ems in Germany, Meyer Werft are one of the leading builders of cruise vessels in Northern Europe.


Fincantieri is heir to the great tradition of Italian shipbuilding and today is one of the largest groups in the world in the design and construction of merchant and naval vessels. The company’s core business is the construction of complex ships with high technological content such as cruise ships and large ferries.

ARNO Dunkerque

The ARNO ship repair yard that gets a lot of refit work from Norfolk Line, Seafrance and P&O Ferries. Based in Dunkerque, France ARNO is the closest dry dock to Dover.

Remontowa S.A

Remontowa S.A., are based in Gdansk, Poland and are the leader amongst European ship repair yards and a major player on the world market, specializes in ship repairs and conversions, design and construction of new ships, offshore units and steel structures. The yard have recently carried work for Seafrance and LD Transmanche.

A&P Ship Care

A&P Ship Care are responsible for much of the refit work undertaken by P&O Ferries and more recently Seafrance. They have yards in Falmouth, Cornwall and Hebburn on Tyneside.

Publishers & News Services

Ferry Publications

Britain’s leading publisher of ferry related titles and also publisher of the quarterly magazine European Ferry Scene.

Shipping Guides Ltd

Shipping Guides are the port information specialists and offer a maritime database and maritime atlas. Shipping Guides Ltd was created by Colin Pielow, a man who saw a need within the shipping industry for a single source of port and harbour information, and who had the courage to make his idea a reality with the publication of the first edition of Guide to Port Entry in 1971.

Ships Monthly

As Britain’s best selling magazine for ship lovers, Ships Monthly provides a well balanced mix of news and features and is read by enthusiasts and maritime professionals all over the world. This makes each issue of Ships Monthly an invaluable companion for all those with an interest in ships and maritime matters.

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