© Andreas WörtelerHSC Stena Lynx II (Incat 033), Past and Present

HSC Jaume I

ex Thundercat 2, Incat 033, Fast Ceuta, Ronda Marina, Stena Lynx II, Stena Sea Lynx II, Incat 033

Courtesy of Justin Merrigan

Courtesy of Justin Merrigan

Aluminium catamaran built in 1996 by Incat  (International Catamarans) Australia Pty. Ltd., Hobart, Australia (Yard No. 033 for Buquebus International Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas as a car and passenger ferry. 

Technical Data

  • Length: 77.50m
  • Breadth: 26.00m
  • Draught: 2.70m
  • Tonnage: 3,989 gross/1,317 net/250 deadweight
  • Engines: Four Caterpillar 3616 diesels.
  • Power: 16,200 kW.
  • Speed: 37.0 knots
  • Capacity: 612 passengers, 135 cars
  • Call Sign: ECJH, 9HKK9
  • IMO Number: 9081693
  • Registry:  Bahamas, Spain, Bahamas, Las Palmas/Spain, Malta
  • Sister ships: Cat Link I (Incat 035), Condor 11 (Incat 034)


June 7th 1993: Keel struck

February 8th : Launched.

1994: Delivered to Buquebus International Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas.

1994: Chartered to Stena Line Ab, Gothenburg. Renamed STENA SEA LYNX II.

June 18th 1994: Arrived at Holyhead.

June 20th 1994: Christened.

Stéphane Poulain Collection  Stéphane Poulain Collection

Stéphane Poulain Collection

June 22nd 1994: Inaugural sailing Holyhead – Dun Laoghaire.

© Aubrey Dale  © Aubrey Dale

© Aubrey Dale  © Aubrey Dale

© Aubrey Dale (all)

June 1995: Sent to Liverpool for mechanical repairs.

February 13th 1996: Renamed STENA LYNX II. Introduced between Dover – Calais.

Dover Ferry Photos Archives

Dover Ferry Photos Archives

© Andreas Wörteler   © Andreas Wörteler

© Andreas Wörteler (both)

Stéphane Poulain Collection  Stéphane Poulain Collection

Stéphane Poulain Collection  Stéphane Poulain Collection

Stéphane Poulain Collection (all)

June 15th 1996 – August 11th 1996: Operated between Göthenburg – Frederikshavn.

August 1996: Laid up in Gothenburg.

1997: Operated Newhaven – Dieppe

September 1997: Charter to Stena Line completed.

September 1997: Chartered to Buquebus. Renamed RONDA MARINA and began operations between Algeciras – Ceuta.

© Fotoflite

© Fotoflite, Dover Ferry Photos Library

1999: Sold to International Catamarans Chartering Pty., Hobart, Australia.

July 19th 1999: Laid up in Portland.

1999: Registered to Adriatic Fast Ferries, Nassau, Bahamas. Renamed INCAT 033.

1999: Chartered to Lineas Fred Olsen, Spain.

© Justin Merrigan

© Justin Merrigan

1999: Laid up in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

May 15th 2000: Chartered to Transmediterranea, Spain. Renamed FAST CEUTA.

May 23rd 2000 – October 2000: Operated between Algeciras – Ceuta.

October 2000: Charter completed and renamed INCAT 033. Laid up in Valletta, Malta.

© Ton Grootenboer  © Ton Grootenboer

© Ton Grootenboer (both)

April 2001: Chartered to Ventouris Ferries, Piraeus, Greece. Renamed THUNDERCAT 2.

April 2001: Commenced service between Igoumenitsa – Corfu – Brindisi.

October 2001: Laid up in Valletta, Malta.

© Ton Grootenboer

© Ton Grootenboer

May 2003: Plans surfaced that Finmark Fylkesrederi in Norway would purchase/charter the vessel for use under a concession to Norske Ferger to operate between Stavanger – Bergen. The scheme never materialised.

May 2005: Floated to Cadiz, Spain for overhaul.

May 2005: Sold to Balearia, Spain. Renamed JAUME I.

June 22nd 2005: Commenced service between Barcelona – Palma De Mallorca.

© Incat  © Incat

© Incat (both)

October 12th 2005: Services between Algeciras – Tanger.

December 2007: Commenced operations between Algeciras – Ceuta.

© Daniel Ferro  © Daniel Ferro

© Daniel Ferro (both)

October 2013: Mediterranean Sea, Vessel Tracker

December 2015: Mediterranean Sea, Marine Traffic

January 2016: West Africa, Vessel Tracker.

January 2016: Mediterranean Sea, Marine Traffic

February 2016: Middle America and Gulf of Mexico, Vessel Tracker

February 2016: North America East Coast, Marine Traffic

March 15th 2016: Sailed from Freeport (Bahamas) to Port Everglades (Florida, USA).

May 10th 2016: Last known to be moored in Port Everglades

We would like to thank: Aubrey Dale, Daniel Ferro, Ton Grootenboer, Incat , Justin Merrigan (Sealink-Holyhead), Stéphane Poulain and Andreas Wörteler their assistance in producing this feature. All information is believed to be correct and no responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions.

Article © Nigel Thornton and Ray Goodfellow (Dover Ferry Photos Group)

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