© Nigel ScuttMV Henriette, Past and Present

MV Henriette

Ex Denise, Frauden, Frauke, Comar II, Frauke

Steel single screw motor vessel built in 1971 by Sietas of Neuenfelde, Hamburg (Yard No 648) as a General Cargo ship

Technical Data

  • Length: 99.9m (overall) 92m (between perpendiculars)
  • Breadth: 13.83m
  • Depth: 8m
  • Draught: 6.26m
  • Tonnage: 999-2900 gross/750-1620 net/2610-2450 deadweight
  • Engines: (1) 4T 8-Cylinder Deutz diesel
  • Power: 1765kW/2398HP
  • Speed:  13 knots
  • Capacity: 1 hold 62.4 x 10, 2/7, 8/5,6 LBC 10178
  • Call Sign: DHPF, OIOZ, OZ2054
  • IMO Number: 7110995
  • Official Number: 1594 (LR 1984-85)
  • Port of Registry: Finland, Hamburg/Federal Republic of Germany, Turku-Abo/Finland, Norway, Torshavn/Faeroe Islands

Current Location

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June 10th 1971: Launched.

August 7th 1971: Completed as FRAUKE.

1972: Renamed COMAR II.

1974: Renamed FRAUKE.

1978: Registered Owner; Paul Heinrich G.m.b.H & Co. K.G.

1981: Renamed FRAUDEN. Registered Owner; R/Aengship. Registered Manager; Kai Engelblom.

© Capt Jan Melchers

© Capt Jan Melchers

1985: Renamed DENISE.

© Capt Jan Melchers

© Capt Jan Melchers

June 1990: Renamed HENRIETTE. Registered Owner; Minor Shipping & Trading – Karmsund, Norway. Manager: Minor Shipping & Trading, Karmsund, Norway.

© Derek Sands  © Derek Sands

© Derek Sands

October 19th 2004: Sustained damage to auxiliary engine at Port Holla, Norway. Subsequently repaired and returned to service.

January 10th 2005: On a voyage from Parnu to Holla stranded north of Haugesund, sustained damage to her hull and ingress of water to her engine-room with severe damage to machinery and loss of propulsion. Re-floated without assistance and towed to Haugesund for repairs

August 30th 2008: Stranded on a sandbar whilst approaching Thyboron, Denmark and requested assistance. Re-floated. No injuries and, after divers inspection, no damage discovered. Returned to service.

January 2016: Being used for transportation of quarry stones from Larvik – Dover to add support/sea protection of coastal railway.

© Nigel Scutt  © Nigel Scutt

© Nigel Scutt   © Nigel Scutt

© Nigel Scutt

© Nigel Scutt (Dover Marina.com)

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