Christmas Wishes (2017) from Nigel Thornton


Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

As Christmas approaches it is time, once again, to reflect on the past, focus on the present and plan for the future.

It is nearly twelve years since I started publishing articles on this site and, during this time, there have been a tremendous amount of changes.

Friends, colleagues and contributors have passed away. New friendships have been formed and next year is eagerly anticipated.

The site has flourished and, without wishing to appear vain, developed into a recognised and respected shipping reference. For that I give thanks.

As for the future?

Well, I will continue to research and print features. Whether they be Dover based or, possibly, of wider interest remains to be seen.

Rest assured though, I will try and preserve the high standards which we have tried to maintain over the years.

 A BIG “thank you” to all those have contributed and supported the site. Without you this site would not exist! Sincere gratitude to all!!!



Special acknowledgements go to: Ray Goodfellow, Paul Cloke, Mick Asklander, John F Hendy, Ken Larwood and Andreas Wörteler. Without your support, encouragement and knowledge who knows what I’d be doing in my spare time?

Merry Christmas 2017.
Nigel Thornton

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