Stena RoRo

Stena RoRo is a wholly owned division of Stena AB and is one of the leading innovators in the design and development of roll on/roll off cargo and passenger concepts for both the Stena Group and external clients.

In addition to these activities the company is also a ship owner and is active in the business of ship chartering with a number of RoRo and RoPax vessels currently on charter to operators all over the world.

A major milestone in the Stena RoRo story came in 1977 when eleven new RoRo vessels were built at the Hyundai Shipyard at Ulsan in South Korea. Known as the ‘Searunner Class’ this order was seen as an important and crucial moment for the ferry industry and was the starting-point for the future engagement in successful RoRo operations for many of today’s biggest and well known ferry operators.

The company hopes to repeat this success with the construction of nine new vessels at the AVIC Weihai shipyard in China. Known as the Stena E-Flexer Class, they have been designed from the outset to not only be environmentally friendly and efficient but also flexible (hence the name E-Flexer). The vessels are designed to be very adaptable and will be used by Stena Line, Brittany Ferries (BAI) and DFDS.

Stena Line are expected to operate five vessels of the class, Brittany Ferries (BAI) three (two of which will be powered by LNG), and a single vessel will go to DFDS for operations between Dover and Calais. The vessels destined for Brittany Ferries and DFDS will be long-term chartered from Stena RoRo with purchase options.

Stena RoRo Archive

© Erwin Willemse

🆕 MV Stena Forerunner – Past and Present

MV Stena Forerunner Stena Forerunner – © Erwin Willemse (Europoort, 14/09/2019) Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 2003 by Dalian Shipyard, […]

© Simonwp

MV Tidero Star – Past and Present

MV Aegean Glory Ex Tolosa, Vilja, Tidero Star, Anzere. Anzere – © Simonwp (Immingham, 07/04/1982) Steel twin screw motor vessel built in […]

© Carsten Dettmer

MV Euroferrys Atlantica – Past and Present

MV Ace II, ex Euroferrys Atlantica, Hull 309, Bluenose, Jutlandica, Stena Jutlandica (I) – Steel twin screw motor vessel built by Brodogradiliste Jozo Lozovina Mosor, Trogir, Yugoslavia in 1973 (Yard No. 162) as a RoRo Car and Commercial Vehicle ferry for Stena AB, Gothenburg

© Nikos Trylos

MV Corsica Marina Seconda – Past and Present

MV Corsica Marina Seconda, ex Corsica Marina II, Marine Nautica, Stena Nautica – Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1974 by Rickmers Werft. GmbH, Bremerhaven (Yard No. 379) as a Passenger/RoRo Cargo/Ferry for Stena AB Gothenburg, Sweden

MV Isle of Innisfree (1995) – Past and Present

MV Kaitaki, ex Challenger, Stena Challenger, Pride of Cherbourg, Isle of Innisfree – Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1995 by Van der Giessen-De Noord, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Holland (Yard No 963) as RoPax ferry for Irish Ferries, Dublin

© Barry Graham

MV Stena Lagan – Past and Present

MV Stena Lagan, ex Lagan Seaways, Lagan Viking – Steel twin screw “NAOS241” motor vessel, built in  2005 by C.N. “Visentini” di Visentini Francesco & C., Donada, Italy  (Yard No. 212) as a Ro-Ro Passenger ship

© Carsten Dettmer

MV Stena Mersey – Past and Present

MV Stena Mersey, ex Mersey Seaways, Mersey Viking – Steel twin screw “NAOS241” motor vessel, built in  2005 by C.N. “Visentini” di Visentini Francesco & C., Donada, Italy  (Yard No. 213) as a Ro-Ro Passenger ship

© Brian Fisher

MV Viking Trader (1976) – Past and Present

MV Black Horses, ex Black Iris, European Navigator, Leopard, Viking Trader, Oyster Bay, Manuare VII, Caribbean Sky, Federal Nova, Goya, Stena Tender – Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 1974 by Österreichische Schiffswerften AG, Linz-Korneuburg (Yard No 709) as a RoRo Cargo ship for Stena Line AB

© Gary Davies (Maritime Photographic)

MV Connemara – Past and Present

MV Connemara, ex Asterion, Norman Asturias, Baltic Amber, Stena Ausonia – Steel twin screw motor vessel built in 2007 by C.N. “Visentini” di Visentini Francesco & C, Porto Viro yard, Italy (Yard No 216) as a Passenger Roll on – Roll off cargo ferry.

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MV Stena Traveller (1992) – Past and Present

MV Patria Seaways, ex Lisco Patria, TT Traveller, Stena Traveller, TT Traveller, Stena Traveller – Steel motor vessel, built by Bruces Verkstad AB, Landskrona , Sweden (Yard No. 21) and fitted out by Mekaniske Verksted, Trondheim, Norway (Yard No. 51) in 1992 as a passenger and roll-on roll-off car and commercial vehicle ferry, for Stena Rederi AB, Goteborg.

© Simonwp

MV Speedlink Vanguard – Past and Present

MV Boa Vista, ex Bonavista, Normandie Shipper, Kirk Shipper, Stena Shipper, Karibe Express, Speedlink Vanguard, Stena Shipper, Alpha Express, Union Wellington, Stena Shipper – Steel twin screw motor vessel, built in 1973 by A Vuyk & Zonen’s Scheepswerven B.V Capelle a/d, Ijssel, Holland, (Yard No. 864), for Stena Ab, Göteborg as a roll-on/roll-off vehicle ferry