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SeaFrance was a ferry company based in France, it was a wholly owned subsidiary of the French railways, SNCF. It operated ferry services between Calais, France, and Dover, England. SeaFrance began operations between Dover and Calais in 1996 after the termination of a pooling agreement with Stena Line in 1995. During it’s time the company witnessed the introduction of new tonnage in the form of the Seafrance Rodin, Seafrance Berlioz and Seafrance Moliere. On 15 November 2011, the company suspended operations for 48 hours pending a court hearing the following day. At the hearing on 16 November, the commercial court ordered the liquidation of SeaFrance, but allowed the ferry operator to continue trading until 28 January 2012. However, actual ferry operations were shut down, with the administrators claiming that the safety of vessels, staff and property could not be guaranteed. On 9 January 2012 the Commercial Court in Paris announced their decision to liquidate SeaFrance. From then on the company was prohibited from trading, with the loss of 1,850 jobs. The assets of Seafrance were later sold to Eurotunnel who in turn chartered the vessels to MyFerryLink.