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Hellenic Seaways


Hellenic Seaways is a Greek shipping company operating passenger and freight ferry services in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas. The company was owned by Minoan Lines but there shareholding was purchased subject to regulatory consent in late 2017 by the Attica Group (who own Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries). Hellenic Seaways was created in 2005 following the consolidation of Minoan Flying Dolphins and its subsidiaries Hellas Flying Dolphins, Hellas Ferries, Saronikos Ferries and Sporades Ferries.

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HSC Superseacat Two - Past and Present

HSC Superseacat Two – Past and Present

HSC Hellenic Highspeed, ex Viking, Superseacat Two – Aluminium MDV 1200 mono-hull high speed craft built in 1997 by Fincantieri-Cant. Nav. Italian S.p.A., Riva Trigoso , Italy (Yard No. 6000) for Hoverspeed Ltd, (Sea Containers Ltd) Nassau, Bahamas as a car and passenger ferry.

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MV Chartres – Past and Present

MV Al Salmy 4, ex Express Santorini, Chartres – Steel twin screw motor vessel built by  Dubigeon-Normandie S.A., Nantes (Yard No. 137), in 1974 for the French National Railways as a multi-purpose roll-on roll-off ferry for cars, lorries and railway vehicles.

© Ken Larwood

MV Vortigern – Past and Present

MV Limon, ex Nisos Limnos, Milos Express, Vortigern – Steel twin screw motor vessel, built by Swan, Hunter & Tyne Shipbuilders (Yard No.10) at their Wallsend-on-Tyne yard for the British Railways Board in 1969 as a multi-purpose passenger and roll-on roll-off ferry for cars, lorries and railway vehicles.

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