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Cobelfret (CLdN)

Cobelfret (CLdN) is a Belgian logistics company based in Antwerp founded in 1928 . The company is heavily involved with marine transport from Bulk Shipping to RoRo operations. Cobelfret also operates terminals and offers transportation solutions in Europe. The ferry services of Cobelfret are designed to provide for the unaccompanied freight market and they specialise in shipping unaccompanied trailers, containers and pieces of plant. The company offers services from Dublin – Rotterdam, Dublin – Zeebrugge, Killingholme – Rotterdam, Killingholme – Zeebrugge, Purfleet – Rotterdam, Purfleet – Zeebrugge, Rotterdam – Dublin, Rotterdam – Killingholme, Rotterdam – Purfleet, Zeebrugge – Dublin, Zeebrugge – Killingholme and Zeebrugge – Purfleet. In 2006 Cobelfret acquired Dart Line and in 2007 it acquired Ferryways NV.