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Buquebus is an Argentine/Uruguayan company that operates ferry services from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Montevideo and Colonia (Uruguay). The company was founded in 1982 by  Juan Carlos López Mena. In the 1990’s Buquebus introduced fast ferries across the River Plate which dramatically cut journey times, taking traffic from the airlines. Buquebus were also active in the international charter market. In 1997 Buquebus España was created to launch fast ferry routes between Spain and Morocco. In September 2007 Buquebus España was acquired by Baleària.

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HSC Stena Lynx II (Incat 033) – Past and Present

HSC Jaume I, ex Thundercat 2, Incat 033, Fast Ceuta, Ronda Marina, Stena Lynx II, Stena Sea Lynx II, Incat 033 – Aluminium catamaran built in 1996 by Incat  (International Catamarans) Australia Pty. Ltd., Hobart, Australia (Yard No. 033 for Buquebus International Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas as a car and passenger ferry.

© Andreas Wörteler

HSC Stena Lynx I (Incat 031) – Past and Present

HSC Seacat Moorea, ex Mandarin, Ocean Flower, Avant, Stena Lynx, Stena Sea Lynx – Aluminium catamaran built in 1993 by Incat (International Catamarans) Australia Pty. Ltd., Hobart, Australia (Yard No. 031) for Buquebus International, Nassau, Bahamas as a car and passenger ferry. Launched February 7th 1993.

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