July, 2016

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© Edson de Lima Lucas

MV Minerva – Past and Present

MV Minerva – ex Saga Pearl, Okean – Steel twin screw motor vessel originally part-built in 1990 at Okean Shipyard, Nikolayev, Soviet Union (Yard No 1) as a research ship, the partially completed the hull being which was sold to Swan Hellenic Cruises, Nassau, Bahamas, in 1994 and fully completed at T. Mariotti Yard, Genoa, Italy (Yard No 595)

© Andreas Wörteler

MV Sally Eurolink – Past and Present

MV Aldelta, ex Cervine, Dart 4, Sally Eurolink – Steel twin screw motor vessel, built in 1984 by Santierul Naval Galatz, Galatz, Romania. (Yard No.770), for Augustsson, Parley & Co., Sandvika, Norway as a passenger and commercial vehicle ferry